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31 Jan

I'm trying to locate distant relatives who may still be in Scerni. My grandmother was Elisabetta Pachioli and she married Francesco Flamminio around 1920 or 1921. Elisabetta had 5 or 6 siblings. Some o the names I've been able to get are, Eugenia, Philomena, Grace, Irene, and Anthony. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Theresa Flamminio
Lewe, Delaware

21 Jan

Regarding an entry online: Concetta Fiorda who emigrated from Civitanova, Italy and married Antonio Vitello I believe is my grandmother. She died when my mother, her daughter Delia, was about 14 years old. I know very little about her and her family. I believe she had an older sister named Donata and they may have lived in Cincinnati, Ohio when they first came to America. I am very anxious to learn about her, where she was born and lived in Italy. Anything about her family would be appreciated, also. Unfortunately, there is no one living who can give me this information. She ultimately settled In Philadelphia, Pa where she died at age 35. Please help if you can. Thank you very much.
Dolores Castaldo
Middletown, Delaware

17 Jan

My grandfather Agostino Sette born Feb.2 1886 from Pizzoli. He came on ship Verona arrived May 14, 1909. Any information on family would be liked. Thank you ED
Edward V. Sette

15 Jan 2012

Io sono alla ricerca della famiglia Saputelli e Ortolani di Cermignano Italia per un amico di mia figlia. I suoi trisnonni erano Pasquale Saputelli che sposò Rosaria Tresca, genitori di Rosina Saputelli nata 1885 che sposò Franceso Ortolani. Sapete qualcosa di questa famiglia? Francesco Ortolani venne in America nel 1913 e la moglie e i figli nel 1920.
I am looking for the family of Saputelli and Ortolani of Cermignano, Italy. I am helping a friend of my daughter. Her gggrandparents wer Pasquale Saputelli who married Rosaria Tresca. Their daughter Rosina Saputelli married Francesco Ortolani. He came to America in 1913 and his wife and children came in 1921.
Patricia Sheldon
Centerville, Georgia USA

Jan 12

I am searching for the descendants of Cora Cinocca and Gaetano Puglielli. They married in Krebs, Oklahoma and later returned to Italy, where Cora died on may 16, 1975. At the time of her death Cora (Carmina) had 10 grandchildren and 6 great grand children.
Cora is my first cousin 1 time removed. As far as I know all of the children of Cora, with the exception of Iolanda who returned to Ohio, USA, lived and died in Italy.
Perhaps a Puglielli cousin will see this post and contact me.
James E. Cinocca
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

Jan 11

The following request was placed by my Uncle in 2000. In 2003 he passed away.
"Thu, 13 Jan 2000 22:23:45 -0800 - Hi, my parents were Theodolinda Stella, and Domenico Alessandroni. I have been trying to get inf. as where, or which house they lived in, in Capestrano. I wish I could find pictures that are antiquated of grand-parents, which I have never met or seen. Both parents are deceased. If any relations to our family has any info I would appreciate you contacting me. Grazie. Buona Fortuna - Geno Alessandroni "

I would like to follow up on this as I would be interested as well. Domenico and Theoldolinda are my Grandparents. I have not seen any photos of my Great Grandparents nor do I know the Madien name of my Great Grandmother. Any help will be appreciated. Ciao,

Garrett Alessandroni
Minneapolis USA

Jan 5

I'm a descendent from Lucia Canosa. My gran granmother. She was married to Vincenzo Giampietro. I want to know the history and the people of this family. tks a lot,
Wellington F. Giampietro
Sorocaba - SP, Brasil

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