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Mon, Aug 30, 2010

Searching family background. Both parents from Gagliano Aterno p. aquila
Paternal grandparents gianfracesco bianchi & elisabetta de rubeis- children domenico, antonio, maria, pia. Maternal grand parents domenic viola & rafaella corsini; my maternal great grandmother was an allega, all as far as i know from gagliano. paternal grandfather married again & had 2 sons euclidio & ardino
Maternal grandfather also married twice - chilren rocco & annina from first wife; from 2nd wife marrietta, antonina, vincenza, nunziatina, antonio, ertibio, mario, pasqualina, francesco. any help or news appreciated.
hamilton, ont canada

Sun, Aug 29, 2010

I am 62 yrs. old...I have done a search and have bought the Ellis Island documents and found that my Great Grandparents by the name of Benedetto Astesano (Miner) and Teresa Astesano left Ropano and the ship of travel La Touraine, ship of departure Harve arrived in America on Sept 5 1903 he was age 44 and she age 33 I would love to find any relatives of this family. I visited Italy 2 yrs. ago and plan on returning...doing a relative search...Thank You
Dorothy Beoletto Nenne
Toluca, Illinois 61369 United States

Thu, Aug 26, 2010

I am looking for relatives of my grandparents: Salvatore Arquilla, Giovanna Masciangioli, Raiano Italy came to USA approx 1902. I have no idea who their parents were. I wish to know more.
Robin Larson
Cheyenne, WY USA

Tue, Aug 24, 2010

Thanks for this website. It has helped me immensely with my genealogy site. I am researching my maternal grandfather's family. His name was Giuseppe D'Angelo born in February 1897. A birth certificate issued in 1960 came from Penne, Pescara however I was told by my grandfather that he was from Pratola Peligna. He came to the United States around 1912 to meet up with his brother Donato in Boston. Later both Giuseppe and Donato relocated to Rochester, NY and settled permanently. It is my understanding that their father's name was Domenico D'Angelo and their mother's name was Maria Carmena DiNorscia (this may have been her maiden name or the surname of her second husband). Domenico passed when my grandfather was a young boy and Maria Carmena remarried. Between her two husbands it is believed that there may have been 12 children in all. Giuseppe and Donato also had a sister, Giulia, who came to the US but settled in Camden, NJ. I would love to hear from anyone who may have information regarding this family genealogy.
Mary Ann DeVeto
Rochester, NY US

Fri, Aug 20, 2010

My name is Domenica Crognale. I am thinking of planning a trip to Italy and would like to visit any family still in the area. My grandmother Domenica Ciccocioppo (born February 16, 1906) married my grandfather Danato Crognale and moved to Pennsylvania. They are originally from Lanciano. I believe one of their brothers moved to Argentina (not sure if it was a Crognale or Ciccocioppo), but I would love to meet any and all family!).
Domenica Crognale

Sun, Aug 15, 2010

I am looking for family members of the ALBANESE family......from Ariano di Puglia Italy who emigrated to America in the early 1900 We are looking for: Michele [ born 24/3/1878] and Giuseppe [1/2/1880] Albanese, there was also a sister called Rosa [7/5/1886]. Their father was Raffaele ALBANESE and their mother was Filomena LUONGO.
If there is someone out there with any information, I would really love to hear from you. I live in Australia but have Uncles and Aunts still living in Italy all in their 80s / 90s. Can anyone help me.
Angelo Albanese
Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Fri, Aug 13, 2010

Any Genealogy info. greatly appreciated.
Tina Nativio
Connellsville, Pennsylvania usa

Mon, Aug 9, 2010

my grandmother was from philadelphia Pa. her name was Adelaide Diorio,she past away in 1963 in her 60's.when growing up in philly her family owned a bakery and and eventually a hardware store....she had moved to new jersey in early 1930's and married my grandfather Nazzareno Manfredi, trying to find more on my ancestry....I know my grandmother's side growing up was pretty well to do for those days cause she went to an all girls private school.
terry shire
Pa. usa

Sat, Aug 7, 2010

I am looking for distant relatives possibly living in Montenerodomo related to Ann or Dominick Porreca. My grandmother (Ann Marconi), maiden name Porreca was born there. I would like to know where, when, and see if I have any living relatives there, no matter how distant. I am coming to Italy in Nov with my wife.
Mark Rossi
fort lauderdale, florida USA

Fri, Aug 6, 2010

I am looking for information on D'Alleva and Candeloro families from Orsogna, Italy. Specifically any info on Sylvestor/Sylvestro Candeloro or Celeste/Chesla D'Alleva-Candelora. The had at last one child Vincenzo in 1910 prior to coming to Canada. I dont know any parents info on Celeste, but I believe Sylvestro's father's name was Augustus.
Nadine Candeloro-Samuel
Alberta Canada

Thu, Aug 5, 2010

Ciao tutti, se ce qualcuno che sa informazione di Pasquale Evangelista che si ha sposata Abella, hanno andato in America, con un figlio che si chiamava Nino, torna il 1900-1930. Era il Zio de mio padre Alberto Evangelista lui e i figlio di Simplicio Evangelista e Antonietta Torelli. Nato a Celano, Abruzzi. Anyone knowing any information about Pasquale Evangelista who went to America with his wife Abella and son Nino, in the early 1900-1930's. He was the uncle of my father Alberto Evangelista who is the son of Simplicio Evangelista and Antonietta Torelli born in Celano, Abruzzi. Spero a fa amici. Hope to make friends. SPERANZA/HOPE
Valeria Evangelista
Sydney, NSW Australia

Tue, Aug 3, 2010

Looking for the family members of Giuseppe Sidonio from Cepagatti, Pescara Italy. Csme to America in the 1920's. He was the uncle of a local butcher. Please send information. Thank you
Mary McCarthy Collins
South Boston, MA United States

Mon, Aug 2, 2010

My great grandfather was Francis Alexander Passerini, I think. we were always told that he was from Switzerland, but maybe he was from Italy. He was married twice and from the second marriage to Jane Lowry my grandmother - Annie Marie Elizabeth was born - 13/7/1884
melbourne, vic austalia

Sun, Aug 1, 2010

Hello! My Italian family settled in Chicago in the 1800s and I think they are from Abruzzo I'm not sure though. Filomena Melone is the woman that immigrated from Italy to Chicago, all my grandma knows about where she came from is in the mountains kind of northeast of Rome, since I've seen other posts from Melones from Abruzzo and it's kind of the area my grandma has described I'm thinking it's the right place. Another family name I haven't found anywhere else from Italy is Cavico, maybe someone knows where that's from? Could it be Abruzzo?
Molly Schumann
Milwaukee, Wisconsin usa

Sun, Aug 1, 2010

Looking for D'Orazio or Di Domenico family in Crognaleto, Italy. My Great grandparents were, Giacomo D'Orazio and Fiora Di Domenico.
Donna Conicelli
Crognaleto, Teramo, Abruzzo Italy

Sun, Aug 1, 2010

Hello, I am looking for my relatives who live or lived in Montevilvano and in Citta San'Angelo provincia di Pescara. My father was Vincenzo Colatriano and my mother was Eledimira Di Biase.
My maternal uncles were Raul, Elio and Arfedele Di Biase. Raul was married to Renata and lived in Milano where they had a son, Antonio. Elio was married to Concetta and had 3 daughters, Silvana, Pina and Marcella. Arfedele was married to Rita and had one son, Gofredo.
My paternal aunt, Linda, had 3 daughters and Assunta had one son, Pietro.
My paternal grandfather's house was located at numero 8 via Campagna, Montesilvano. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Ivana Colatriano
Montreal, Quebec Canada

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