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Sun, May 30, 2010

Hi to all the family Atlante Giacomo from Grottole Pr. Matera married Antonia Milano from Grassano also Pr.Matera, they married in Italy than left for Argentina in the late 1890 and Tomaso Milano his niece would like to find out if any one know them in Argentina Tomaso is my best man and have ask me to help him finding if any of their childrens or generation of Atlante in Argentina are still alive, Tomaso know that the Atlante live in Buenos Aires and that they had 6 or more childrens in Argentina, please concact me in my email so I will forward Tomaso any information in relative to the Atlantes family, many thanks and bless you all and I hope some one can help Tomaso in findind some of his relative, Thanks Giuseppe
Giuseppe Bongiorno
ANSTRUTHER, Fife Scotland U.K.

Sun, May 30, 2010

se possibile di trovare BIAGIO MARANESE in argentina il padre PASQUALE la madre NATALINA se per favore qualcuno passa il messaggio a BIAGIO grazie anticipatamente da MICHELE STICCA in australia
michele sticca
melbourne, victoria australia

Sun, May 30, 2010

Hello, I found my Grandfather Mike Marracino's post on this site and I never got the chance to get to know him before he passed away. Just wanted to know more of our heritage and roots. I wish I could find the origin of Marracino and more of were we are from. I love you Granpa Mike, Io vi amo nonno riposi in pace!
Kerri Beth
Pittsburgh, Pa USA

Fri, May 28, 2010

I am hoping to learn more about my ancestry. My great-grandparents (last name Giosa) left Vasto in the late 1800s and arrived in Philadelphia. From there, their family moved to New York City and then to Rhode Island where my grandfather changed our last name to George. Any knowledge of the Giosa family would be appreciated.
Peter George
Warwick, RI United States

Fri, May 28, 2010

Saluti a tutti miei paesani e amici buona fortuna a tutti.
gianino toppi
allen park michigan, usa

Thu, May 20, 2010

Hello my family member! I am the great granddaughter of Camerla Maria and Corintho Deramo. My great great grandfather is Giuseppe Cocco and he was born in Corpe Santa, Italy. I do believe his wifes name is Erminia which I am not spelling right because my papers are worn. My grandmother is Giozanina Jenny Deramo. I am very exicted to get in touch with you aad your family. I did find thier names on the wall at Ellis Island. I am now going to read the rest of the imformation about my family. I want to thank you for putting the family on the Internet.......Love you. your cousin Kathy, forgot to tell you we have named our estate Cocco Island after our grands.
Kathy May Mennerich
Newburgh, New York 12550

Wed, May 19, 2010

To any abruzzese that could help me I would greatly appreciate any information: I too am trying to find out my families heritage although I grew up in the orsogna club when I was a little girl and attended all functions im still not familiar with surnames and stuff so im asking anyone who knew my parents Pasquale Lu Riparole and Concetta Tenaglia who is said to have a surname of La figlia di Lu priguniere i think. Im trying to find out when my parents got married in orsogna and the date if anyone out there who belong to the orsogna club knows this information who is still alive I would greatly appreciate any information if possible > And also i will be going to orsogna this summer if yopu know where i can go to find out this information please email me and let us know please. My sister is Maria Caputo who is also a member of the orsogna club in astoria Ny.
Lucy Tenaglia Elabasy
Flushing, NY USA

Tue, May 18, 2010

Hi, I would really like to trace a lady called Alison De Paolo or De Paola, whose last known address was Via del Gallo No 14, Montecatini Terme 15016. A sibling of hers based here in Stirlingshire would really like to contact her. Her maiden name was Rushbrooke. 2 Letters have been sent to the above address, however as there has been no reply, we have to assume that she no longer resides there.
I work for the British Red Cross, unfortunately our Tracing and Messaging service is restricted to those who have lost contact through Natural Disasters, War etc, I am doing this as a courtesy to a fellow human being and in my own time, so any help I can get would be really appreciated.
I apologise if I have hijacked this site and my request doesnt quite fit your usual requests, if you could signpost me to another person/site who might be of help that would be great. Thanking you in anticipation, Hazel Jeffey
Hazel Jeffrey
Falkirk, STIRLINGSHIRE Scotland

Thu, May 13, 2010

I the undersigned want to post to help me find out my father tommaso lamorgia and his families currently residing in italy. i and my father were contacting via phone until i have reached the age of nine. However, i have changed a residential address and my father could not contact me any more. I miss him so much. My father address is: Residence:lanciano pescara His daughter name: lucia tommaso and His son name: nicola tommaso - my phone number: 251 0913068987
Sandro Tommaso
Addis Abeba, Ethiopia Ethiopia

Wed, May 12, 2010

Hello: I am trying to locqte the Barlaam Family om Castiglione MerrerRaimondo, Teramo, Abruzzo. My Grandfather- Vincenzo Barlaam and his wife Lucia- had two children- Adalgisa and Donato. Vincenzo came to the United States and settled in Philadelphia in 1912. His wife and children came to the United States in 1913. Upon arrival in New York in 1913 Lucia and the two children were held in New York because the youngest child (Donato) was ill and subsequently died (He had taken ill on the ship). Lucia and the remaining child (Adalgisa-my mother) arrived in Philadelphia and settled in the West Philadelphia section of Overbrook. If there are any residents of Castiglione Messer Raimondo with the surname of Barlaam, please contact me.
Ernie Iovannone
Philadelphia, Pensylvania United States

Wed, May 12, 2010

For Daniela Lucciantonio - My grandfather and his family migrated to the US and Canada from Navelli in the 1920’s and we have just started some research. My grandfathers name was Peter (Pietro) Lucciantonio who was born in 1893. hE had three siblings Thomas (ended up in the US in Ohio and his sons are still there), Paul remained in Italy (Paolo) and Anne (don’t know what happened to Anne. My Father Julius, (Giulio) who came to the US with Peter in 1931 was 9 at the time. he told me recently that he had returned to Italy during WWII and went back to Navelli to see family. He said he met with Paul and at the time he had a small boy whom he could not remember the name. He also said he thought Paul had 3 daughter who he believed moved to Venezuela I wonder if there is the connection.
When they came to the US the name was changed to Lucien and the cousins that went to Canada maintained Lucciantonio. I believe Peters dad (my great grandfather) was Joseph who stayed in Canada with his wife was Anne.
David Lucien
Virginia USA

Mon, May 10, 2010

Soy hija Silvio Di Nardo, mi abuelo se llamaba Rocco Di Nardo, vivieron en Ortona a mare, provincia de Chieti, Abruzzo. Y estoy buscando a familiares de un tío de mi papá, que se llamaba Giustino Di Nardo, tengo entendido que se radicó en la provincia de Santa Fé, Argentina.
María Teresa di Nardo
Grand Bourg, Buenos Aires Argentina

Sat, May 8, 2010

My father was born in Italy in 1910. His name was Emidio DiFabio. He married Mary DiEmidio whose mother's name was Lucia. Lucia was born in Martinsicuro. She came to America after she married DiEmidio, I don't know her maiden name. I don't know My grandfather first name either. They settled in Baltimore Md. My Father's parents, the DiFabio's, settled in Security md. My father's Sisters names were Fanny Spinosi, Geneva Datillio, brother name was Frank Difabio. Lucia DiEmidio children's names were Pete, Archie, August and My Mother, Mary. My E- Mail is Akutlik@aol.com I would like to visit where my grandmother was born. She said she lived by the sea.
Anita Kutlik
forest hill, maryland USA

Fri, May 7, 2010

My fathers name was Feliz Henriquez. He took a baby photo of me when I was born, and put it in his wallet. When he left my mother to go back to his wife and children. He never returned. His best friend was named, Tony Cabaciera?(sp), who currently resides in Toronto with his family, around Dovercourt/Bloor area. It would be easy to ask him of my father if he wasn't so horrible to my sister (who he abandoned) and when she called him after 30 plus years, he refused to speak to (it's his loss, not hers).

I know my biological father was married, and had kids, who I assume to be older than I currently am, as they existed before my birth. I was told that my father passed away roughly 1990 something, and is believed to be buried in the Prospect Cemetary at St. Clair Ave W (according to Tony, who could be lying thru his teeth), but so far, I have found no record. I am just curious as to if his children are anything like me, if they knew of my existence, and if anyone ever found that photo.

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Tue, May 4, 2010

Ciao, mia bisnonna Aninna DiRuscio è nata 2 Maggio 1884 a Sulmona e sposò Nunzio Lucantonio penso intorno 1864. Se qualcuno ha informazioni su questa famiglia, per favore fatemelo sapere come sto viaggiando a Sulmona nel mese di ottobre 2010.
My great grandmother Annina (Anna) DiRuscio was born in Sulmona May 2, 1884 and married Nunzio Lucantonio in 1864. If you have any information on either of these families I would appreciate it because we are travelling to Sulmona in October 2010.
Diana Locey
Lowell, Massachusetts USA

Mon, May 3, 2010

My name is Robert Paul Romasco, My fathers name is Antonio Romasco born in Lettomanopello Abruzzi Italy in march 30 1916 came to usa in 1933 cambridge mass. My godfathers name is William Aderio from 3d street cambridge mass. My dad passed in dec 16 1995. I'm looking for info on my grandfather from that area, and info on my last name. Thank you
Robert Paul Romasco
Somerville, Mass. USA

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