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Sat, Jan 30, 2010

Hello Abruzzo 2000, I am so happy there is this Abruzzo forum. Please let me explain.

I an Italian from my maternal side. My grandparents came from Italy. My grandfather David Angelo Leandre 1875 (I was told from my mother was raised by nuns and given his name, so I don't know where in Italy he was born). My grandmother, Maria Guiseppa Panzone, was born in Bisenti in 1881, her parents, my great grandparents were Vincenzo Panzone and Dorinda D'Agostino, they were born in Penne. Parents to Vincenzo were Emidio Masimo Panzone (Penne) and Maria Pulcheria Micoletti (Loreto). Only found one parent to Dorinda D'Agostino, Maria Vincenza D'Agostino (Bisenti).

I have all these grandparents on microfilm from Latter Day Saints Family History Center. If any of these names ring a bell to anyone that reads this, that maybe have more names in the family, please let me know. I am sorry I don't speak or read Italian, the only thing I read is the birth and death records on the microfilms. Any information would be greatly appreciated. If God willing, maybe one day he will grant me to travel to Bisenti. But right now the people that live in the Abruzzo region are my eyes and ears for me. Thank you!

Adeline Hernandez
Amherst, New York United States

Sat, Jan 30, 2010

My father's side of the family is from Popoli, My grandfather AMADEO was an altar boy at the church... which one I dont know. I would like to hear from anyone who recognizes my last name in POPOLI.
David Joseph Fontana
Riverton, Utah United States

Fri, Jan 29, 2010

I am looking for anyone with the surname of Bertoldi, especially in sorbo di tagliacozzo. My grandfather Semplicio Bertoldi emigrated to the United States on feb. 28 1913. His niece Nicolina Bertoldi Carisci still lives there or she may have passed on since I was there in 2002. Her grand daughter Paola gave me an email and I lost it. Other names I have are Guido Bertoldi and Bernardo Bertoldi. My grandfather lived on Yonkers, New York until his death. The family owned several houses ih Sorbo and still live in the one with the bride to the houses accross the street.Thank you for any help as my father Alfred Bertoldi does not know his grand parents names and I would like some history for him. Sincerely,
Catherine Bertoldi Gibb
little egg harbor, nj United States

Wed, Jan 27, 2010

Do you know if any Sferra family members married a Ceanna Claytor of Virginia; living in Warren, Trumbull, Ohio 1930? Thanks,
A Brown
Columbus, Ohio USA

Wed, Jan 27, 2010

Hi: my name is Robert Acerbo and I am looking for information about my family origins. My grandfather Mariano Acerbo came to the u.s. in the early 1900's. Does anyone know this side of the family ???

Tue, Jan 26, 2010

I am currently looking for extended family members in the city of Teramo. My grandfather's name was Caesar Crisanti and my grandmother's name was Josephine H. Rastelli. They left for America in the 1920s, entering the country via New York City and ended up in Phladelphia, Pennsylvania.

My grandparents had several children - Lillian, Walter, Peter, Wiley, Eva, Caesar, and Anthony. I believe Lillian, Walter, and Peter were born in Teramo. I also believe Wiley and Eva were born there, but I have no verification. Caesar and Anthony were born in Philadelphia (I think...) I know we have family back in Italy....as the "keeper of the pictures" from my deceased parents, I have pictures of an amazing villa and house from there. From my web searches I can only find 7 Crisanti's still living in Teramo (no emails), and about 30 Rastelli's. To this date, I have found no email address whatsoever on anyone.

My daughters and I are planning a trip to Italy in July 2010. We are very interested in finding lost family members to meet. If anyone knows any of the Crisanti's who still live in Teramo, please forward this message to them. If you can direct me on how to get in touch with them, that would be great. Also, if anyone has an email address or web address for the Teramo's hall of records, that would be helpful as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Kindest regards,

Pamela J. Crisanti (Brigandi)
Havertown, Pennsylvania USA

Tue, Jan 26, 2010

Hi I looking for information my grandfather Anthonio Roberti Born 1888 Cipriano went to the US 1906. Any info will be great. Thank you.
John Roberti

Tue, Jan 26, 2010

I am trying to figure out from where in Abruzzo many "Crognale" come from. I found a town called "Crognaletto" in Provincia di Teramo, but my family comes from Provincia Di L'Aqila. Most "Crognale" in the US seem to be from PA and WVA, and am wondering whether way back we are related. Grazie cugini e parenti, tutti.
Gabriele Crognale

Mon, Jan 25, 2010

I'm trying to start a family of the Addario family. I'm the father of Dominik's wife Marie
Ralph Santeramo
San Diego, CA Usa

Sun, Jan 24, 2010

My Great Grandfather Pasquale Colantonio was born in or near Campo Di Giove on April 17, 1881 and came the United States of America on the vessal Augusta Victoria on December 5, 1898 from the Port Genoa. His parents were Germano and Mary (I think). I am looking for any information, family, and/or history. Germano and Pasquale came to America on the same vessal. German had been to the USA twice before in several years but I have no records of that. I also have no records or information of his wife or of Pasquale's wife. Sincerely,
Scott Gantt
Denver, Co USA

Tue, Jan 19, 2010

My maternal grandfather was born in Rivisondoli Dec 1, 1888. His father Olindo Mascio went to Warren, Ohio later my grandfather Nick Mascio along with his mother Maria Ramicone made their way to Warren. My maternal grandmother's father & mother came from Molise, not sure when. Names were Gennaro Senerchia & Maria Rufo Maria Rufo's father was carmine Rufo and the mother was Carmella Silvestri. I have heard Compobasso and Caroville
Niles, Ohio U S A

Mon, Jan 18, 2010

My wife and I recently visited Sulmona and Chieti in search of POW camps where my father was held captive during World War II. We found Campo 78 (PG-78) in Sulmona, and possibly Campo 21 (PG-21) in Chieti. After departing the train at the station in downtown Chieti, we walked a few blocks to a military compound which we thought was the location. Later we were told of another military compound in upper Chieti, and drove some distance to view it as well. We were unable to get inside either location and nobody seemed to have knowledge of the POW camp and its history. My father, an American flier, was held prisoner in Chieti at PG-21 for several months. Can you possibly tell me the exact geographical location of this camp. I was told by someone in the British Archives that it had been a convent prior to the war, and though some Americans were held there, it was primarily a POW camp for British officers. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated, as my father is no longer living to provide any details.
Jim Beck
Montgomery, Alabama USA

Mon, Jan 18, 2010

Hello....I am looking for any information on my ancestor..my grandfather Panfilo D'Andrea, born June 14, 1889 or his brother Francesco D'Andrea...born February 28, 1893....thank you.
Joanne D'Andrea
Fort Washington, PA USA

Sun, Jan 17, 2010

I am looking for Tecca's. My great grandfather John Tecca & great grandmother Dorthy Bucci came from (Pettrano Italy?) the year was 1882. The Tecca's had a vinyard John had two brothers that came to America with him but they went back to Italy. John remained in Montana & had eight kids with Dorthy. I would really like to know my relatives in Italy.
Tony Tecca
Livingston, Montana USA

Fri, Jan 15, 2010

Ho visto l'annuncio lasciato nel 2006 da ROBERT BASTIANON di Santa Rosa California, forse posso aiutarlo trovare qualche notizie sui sui antenati. La nonna si dovrebbe chiamare MOROSIN VITTORIA di FIETTA Mi scriva se c( ancora interessato. Saluti.
Fietta di Paderno del Grappa, Treviso Italia

Thu, Jan 14, 2010

Looking for my husbands family. Perlina. his name enzo perlina. birth date 3/16/1954. was in catholic orphanage 1954-1957. dont no orphanage name. was baptized in lanciano chieti.
cathy afarek
youngstown, ohio

Thu, Jan 14, 2010

I am doing research on my father, DON PAOLO DURSO born March 23, 1890 in Sassano, Salerno Italy. He immigrated to America around 1904 and later married ASSUNTA PARILLO. It is my understanding that his father Giacchino D'urso was a Count or a Duke but very familiar with King Umberto.
I don't know much else except there was a brother Francesco who went to New York and a sister, GIOVANNINA D'AURORA who married a RUEBEN KOSHARIAN and moved to England during the war time. Some of the family is in Canada now, the VERBORA's and IMBIMBO's.
If you have any info, please contact me and we can go thru this and get our lineage! Thank you so much for this very vaulable site.
Paulina Durso
Los Angeles, California usa

Tue, Jan 12, 2010

Gostaria de saber se alguem conhece a familia Giancristoforo. Meu avó era Ercolino Giancristoforo filho de Napoleão (ou Napoleon).Meu avó veio para o Brasil da Italia da região de Abruzzo. Agradeço a informação.
Regina Giancristoforo
Campos, Rio de Janeiro Brasil

Tue, Jan 12, 2010

I am searching for any information on the surname Giampaolo. My great-grandfather, Paolo Giampaolo, supposedly came from either Montagano or Campobasso (or somewhere in that region). He had six children - Andrea, Giuseppe, Francesca, Marco, Rosa and Giovanni. My grandfather, Andrea Giampaolo also came from that area and then moved to Napoli later on. He emigrated to the United States sometime around 1902. Thank you for any information you can provide me.
Andrea Giampaolo
Santa Monica, CA U.S.A.

Mon, Jan 11, 2010

Latest news: Our beloved mother - Mary Adele Piccioni Gannett - Silver Spring, MD died Christmas Day and was laid to rest Wed., Jan. 6, 2010. I want to say thank you to all who called, came by and later paid your respects to our mother and the family. It was much appreciated.
My wife and I will continue putting together the remarkable story of this family. Any of you who have info and would like to share - please e-mail me, Thank you
Frederick, Maryland USA

Thu, Jan 7, 2010

Hi There: I am looking for information on my husband's ancestors.
His Father's name was Pasqualle Fallavollita and his mother Filomena DiMarzio, both were born in Corfinio.
Filomena had two brothers, Americo (who moved to Canada) and Lucciano (a priest who stayed in Corfinio). Her parent's names were Giovanni and Cristina DiMarzio.
Pasquale had a brother, Antonio (who moved to Canada) and two sisters (one moved to Canada, the other to the US). His parents both died when he was young.
If you could provide any information on the families of Filomena and Pasquale it would be greatly appreciated.
Lorna Fallavollita

Thu, Jan 7, 2010

My mother was born in Salle in 1920. Both her parents were born and raised there. My grandmother was Francesca Di Renzo and she married Domenico Di Virgilio in 1919. My mother was Maria DiVirgilio and she came to America in 1928 and the family settled in Astoria Queens New York. My grandmother had a sister with a few children who still lived in Salle. Anyone know of the family??? We had alot of paisanos in Ny by the name of Daddario and Profeta---they still live there today...
Tucson, AZ USA

Mon, Jan 4, 2010

I am looking for an e-mail address of Rosa DiNunzio Natalicchio from Villetta Barrea or Foggia Italy
Judy DiDesiderio Palmieri
Coraopolis, PA USA

Sun, Jan 3, 2010

Seeking information on Guiseppe Valerio – Commune di Lanciano. He immigrated originally to New York City (Hell's Kitchen) and then to Newark NJ. In America his name was Joseph Tucci. His brother was Phillip Valerio. His mother was Kathleen. Any information is appreciated.
Pennie Landry
Nutley, NJ USA

Sun, Jan 3, 2010

I would like to find the lineage of the Fabrettis, and the DiNapoli's of Sulmona, Ancona, Avellino, Macerata, province of Aquila. Thank You.
Hector Lombard
Rochester, New York USA

Sat, Jan 2, 2010

Hello! I am researching my family and have discovered that my great great grandfather was born in Guardiagrele in October15, 1815. His name was Pasquale Vassetti. He left Italy in the 1800s and came to the US. He married a Scottish woman. He moved to Alabama and his death date is April, 1886. I have a genealogical chart , but it is virtually unreadable. If you know how I can get another, please contact me. If you know of information about my gr gr grandfather, please email me!
Toni R Hampton
Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA

Fri, Jan 1, 2010

I'm Agnese Pellegrini, I live in Abruzzo. My grandmather's father Edoardo Marinelli lived in Philadelphia, for 30 years... in this city there are some my relatives... Have you more information? thanks
Chieti, Italy

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