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Growing up I never knew my italian side of my family. I never knew we had relatives in Abruzzo Italy. I ran across some old photo's with people whom looked just like my grand father from Torrevecchia Teatina Chieti, Abruzzo, Italia. After tracing down phone books, learning italian, I flew to Italy to meet my cousins after a loss between our family of 85 years. My story is on my web pages. Please visit it and sign my guestbook. You may be looking just like I was. It opened up a wonderful side of my life with great cousins, around 50 to be exact so far. Please read my story. If you need any help let me know, I will try to help you. Thanks, Liza
Liza DeCredico (Di Credico)
United States

Wed Sep 30 19:41:33 1998

Looking for DeCecco relatives in Fara San Martino, Chiete. This seems to be a great site. Am looking forward to joining.
Dale DeCecco
Erie, PA USA

Tue Sep 29 00:13:15 1998

Ricardo Marchesani Carrasco
Miami Beach, Florida USA

Thu Sep 24 17:55:58 1998

Salve a tutti gli Abruzzese soprattutto i Canzanese per tutto il mondo.
Giuseppe D'Orazio
Loveland, Co USA

Tue Sep 22 08:19:33 1998

Grandfather Domenico migrated to Lucca, Toscana in late 1800's. Desperate to find Fiamma family.

Gemma Fiamma Carmony
Santa Clara, California USA

Wed Sep 16 07:53:52 1998

Hello! I decided to check this page out and it seems very nice so far. I am considering joining abruzzo2000. I am interested in finding some of my family's roots in Teramo. Does anyone know how to get copies of records and etc.? Please e-mail me if so. I have 2 web pages coming, but niether of them are about Abruzzo, however, when I am finished my family tree (hopefully soon) I will have that posted and will tell everyone. The other 2 web pages, and my hubby-to-be's web page are Christian web page.
Please e-mail me with any onfo regarding this site and about finding family roots in Abruzzo, and Italy in general.
God Bless, Nicole
Nicole Rum
Philadelphia, PA USA

Sat Sep 12 07:27:34 1998

Dear Eugene,
this website is shared by a commercial company, Abruzzo2000, and a free association, Abruzzo World Club, which has mainly cultural aims. So if your comment is directed to Abruzzo2000, of course we are on the web to sell goods and services. If you are instead worried about the seriousness of Abruzzo World Club, we are sorry about that and hope that with time your prejudice will disappear. The Site's Webmaster

Wed Sep 9 11:29:24 1998

You have a wonderful Web site and are to be congratulated for your efforts. I was very happy to know that your Abruzzo site exists and will place a link to it in my Home page located at geocities.
My Home page has many links to various Abruzzo sites that I felt might be of interest to those Abruzzese who
might want to discover their roots. If you have a site that you feel might be of interest to Abruzzese around the world and to students of Abruzzo please feel free to send an email with the URL address.

My relatives are originally from the province of Teramo. Family names are Blasiotti, Romani, Recheutti.
I have relatives that I am aware of living in and around Giulianova and Contraguerra. I would recommend anyone to visit Abruzzo for a wonderful vacation filled with nice people, great food, and lots of fabulous scenery. I have been there several times and have always enjoyed my stay in addition to coming away refreshed.
Louis V. Blasiotti
Gainesville, Virginia USA

Tue Sep 8 20:12:49 1998

I co-compiled a family history about my ancestors from the village of Palmoli, located in the Abruzzo Region. If you are interested in Palmoli, and its people e-mail me.
Ronald Di Ninni
Pennsylvania USA

Tue Sep 8 20:12:49 1998

Hi ... my family comes from Taranta Peligna (CH). My father's parents came to the US in 1907 and settle in Colorado. They left Italy to work in the mining industry. I have traced my family back to the early 1600's - thanks to the priest in the village. My family names are: Lippis. Ciavarra, Merlino, Canzano, Recchione, Bruna, del Pizzo, del Duca, De Marco, Moschetta, Recchia, di Iorio, Rosato, Cianfarra and Schiavutti. Would love to "chat" with any family members! Ciao, Tina
Tina Lippis Mancebo
Fremont, CA USA

Tue Sep 8 12:26:33 1998

I was born in Forli del Sannio in what is now the province of Molise, which was once a part of Abruzzi. Family names are Marini, Rossi, DeStefano, Rotolo, Colicchio. I have visited Italy several times and still have relatives there. I would welcome hearing from anyone from Forli del Sannio.
Elvera Marini Payne
Erie, PA USA

Mon Sep 7 09:21:49 1998

My parents were both from vasto, prov Chieti. One of the most beautiful places on earth. My father first left vasto about 1910, and went back to italy to serve in WW1
My parents were married in vasto and my mom arrived in the us 07/01/27. They lived in garfield n.j. and then the Bronx N.Y. in the belmont arthur ave section where there were many vastese during the 30s,40s, 50s, etc.
would love to hear from anyone with vastese roots.
I still have family in vasto.
Family names are Dirosso, dadamo, barone, difoglio, marchesani. I will be signing up for membership.
Nicholas . A. Ricchione
Hazlet, New jersey USA

Sun Sep 6 09:12:00 1998

My parents migrated from Abruzzi in the 1950's to Australia. My Dad was
Polombaro in the Prov of Chieti and my mother was from Pratola Peligna in the
Prov of L'aquila. Drop me a line if you
know someone from there. Ciao, Sandee
Perth, West Australia Australia

Sat Sep 5 12:15:48 1998

Loved the site...can't wait until it's complete. My grandfather was born in Castel di Sangro, in L'Aquila. His name was Gaetano Parisano. My ancestors from Castel di Sangro include the Sansonetti, Moliterno, diPilato families.
Gay (Parisano) Raab
Morris Plains, NJ USA

Sat Sep 5 07:35:48 1998

Looking to correspond to anyone from Rapino where my grandfather, Dominick Rosano was born in 1895. He emigrated to NY in 1912, married Concetta Simonetti in 1916, and had six children, including my mother Edith Rosano Haderer.
Phil Haderer
Manalapan, NJUSA

Fri Sep 4 22:11:21 1998

Hello! My family originated in the town of Tocco da Casauria, and came to Australia after WWII along with many others from the town. I am working on my family tree and would be very pleased to hear from anyone with information on the Mariani, Follacchio, Sinni, Pinti, Colella or Bonadies families.
David Mariani
Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Fri Sep 4 16:31:47 1998

Hello! My wife's family Colella lives in San Benedetto in Perillis,
a tiny village above Popoli. We visit almost every year and have a great
time there. I was able to trace Dina's geneology back through her parents
(Benedetto Colella and Pasqualina Marini) by examining church statistical
records that are kept by a local historian. The Colella side went back 14
generations to 1612!!! Some of the other sunames are Faiella, Fontana
and Patrizio from this village.
San Francisco, CA USA

Thu Sep 3 17:06:13 1998

I am anxious to learn of and meet the family ties lost when my grandfather, Camillo Porreca, left Chieti in 1903.
Albert Porreca
Delran, NJ USA

Thu Sep 3 13:17:35 1998

Great idea for a website. We just came back from Italy a few weeks ago. Before we left, we requested via our travel agent, some tourist information from the Italian Tourist Board. The Italian Tourist Board did not bother to answer our request. Maybe your website could provide tourist information for those of us that travel to Abruzzi.
Luciana Polsoni

Thu, 03 Sep 1998 04:44:59 +000

My wife's parents and grandparents came from Pettorano Sul Gizio (Serafini, Suffoletta). There are many people in the Hamilton Ontario area that were born in Pettorano. I am attempting to build a family tree from information received from my wife's relatives. Perhaps I can access others with information that will enhance what I already have.
Len Hostin
Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada

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