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Wed, Oct 28, 2009

Hi! My family come from ripa teatina, my father'name is Livio Masci, who inmigrated to Venezuela since 1945. I know that he has a sister in australia: Anna Masci. My dad lost contact with his family. Please write to my mail if you have any information. Thanks a lot!

Guanare, Portuguesa Venezuela

Wed, Oct 28, 2009

I am responding to Guido who is looking to find other Tollis families from Italy. My father, Vincenzo Tollis was born in Sora, Frosinone Italy in 1931. His father, also named Vincenzo was born in the same town in 1896 and his grandfather as well as far as he knows. We believe that the origin of the name is Irish. There is a Thomas Tollis of 1771 who was also a stone mason and living in England (but of Irish descent). I am looking as well to find out more...to verify these facts. Please let me know if you find out anything new as well.
Maria Tollis Kipp
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Mon, Oct 26, 2009

My grandfather Antonio Piccolo and my grandmother Maria Teti came to America in early 1900's. He was born in 1875 in Torricello Pigligna area. I understand he was not from the city but outskirts of the town. We would like to get more family history if possible. The original name was probably Piccoli, according to a cousin.
William Anthony Piccolo
Davenport, Florida USA

Mon, Oct 26, 2009

I am looking to find anyone with the last name of DeVitis in Palombaro, Abruzzi, Italy. My Grandfather Salvatore DeVitis was from there. He left for the USA in early 1900.
Charles Salvatore DeVitis
Desert Hot Springs, California USA

Mon, Oct 26, 2009

Looking Moretti possible relationship to Giovanni Moretti, Luigi Moretti and any brothers or children with the Moretti name
Darlene Moretti
Monroe, Connecticut United States -

Thu, Oct 22, 2009

Michael Misero, found you on Abruzzo2000. Your great-grandfather had the same name, Pietro Misero, as my uncle, who also came from Farindola. I really don't know how this thing works, but I do want to get in touch with you. If we are related, you had several relatives that lived in Delaware County. My mother, Filomena, was a Misero. We may be cousins, if so I have two brothers living not too far from you. If you get this message, e-mail me and I'll give you a complete rundown of the Misero side of the family as I know it. Hope you get this.
Daniel Marvain
Del Rio, Texas USA

Fri, Oct 16, 2009

I am looking for more information on my husband's grandfather who immigrated to New York in 1922. His name was Stefano Antonio Mosca and he was from palazzo canavese near Torino. If anyone has any info. for me that would be wonderful. Thanky you!
utah usa

Wed, Oct 14, 2009

Bonjour, j'ai lu un message concernant la famille papaoli, moi c'est le nom de famille de mon beaux pere (compagnon de ma mere)j'ai commencer a faire sa généalogie et en discutant avec lui il ma dit qu'il était originaire de la région de l'aquila le nom de la ville commence par un N ou M mais je ne me rapelle plus vous etes peut etre de la meme famille faite nous un signe!!!
bedarrides, vaucluse france

Mon, Oct 12, 2009

I am tryint to trace back my husband's ancestor from Chieti. The families are in PA and New Jersey. The names were Dilabbio, Bascelli, Torelli, Petaccio. Carmine Dilabbio was Steve's grandfather and great grandfather was Nicola Dilabbio and great grandmother was Angela Cesarone. Clorida Bascelli Dilabbio was his grandmother's name; great grandfather was Pantaleon Bascelli and great grandmother is Julia Rocci. Any information about the family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Diane Reis Moffett
san jose, ca usa

Thu, Oct 1, 2009

Hello, I am trying to find relatives of the Malavolta Family in Italy. My grandfather Joseph Malavolta was born in 1901 and came to America. His brother and sisters were Luigi Malavolta who lived in Rome in 1965, his son is Romano Malavolta. Sisters: Anna who married and lived in Switzerland in 1965, her husband's name was Francis, childre: Ernico, Guiliana, Adriana, Benato, Stefania. Mentina Malavolta lived in Bellante in 1965. Maria Malavolta-husband Pasquale lived in Bellante in 1965, her children named Manfredo, Paola and Pino. If anyone knows of these people or thier decendants our family would love to hear from you. Thank You,
Maryann Malavolta
Pennsylvania USA

Thu, Oct 1, 2009

Looking for relative of the Giacinto Buti and Ernestina Firmani Family. Giacinto came from L'Aquila and Ernestina came from Chieti.
They were married August 1912, and immigrated to the USA in 1914.
Ernestina had a sister named Dora Caramaschi, and brothers Ugo and Oreste Firmani who I believed remained in Italy.
Regards, Sisily
Janet Buti Flegal
McKeesport, Pennsylvania USA

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