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Friday, November 30, 2007 at 20:04:07 (US/EDT)

Hello! I am trying to get information on my grandmothers family. Last name is Fortino. Her first name is Jennie and had brothers, Ralph, Frankie, Steve, and sisters, Levia, Carmella, Rose(Dolly). Her parents names were John and Nancy. They came through Ellis Island from Italy, sometime in 1904-1908. I am trying to find out what area of Italy they are from. I am thinking that Johns parents were Rafella and Carmine. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Chicago, IL USA

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 at 21:43:10 (US/EDT)

Hi I am a descendant of the Elia Primavera (born 12/9/1830) line from Ortona married to Carmella Pellicciotti on dec 29, 1863. I am looking for any one from that family, or knows the family line.
Edi Primavera

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 at 17:29:13 (US/EDT)

I am searching for family and news of my grandfather, Domenico Lattanzi, born in Bisenti in 1885. He came to America about 1899, married Laura Gambardello (her family from Naples), and settled finally in Baltimore as a tailor with his family of two sons and two daughters (Elisa, Victor, Josephine, and Emil).
Henry George Hahn
Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A

Saturday, November 24, 2007 at 20:56:44 (US/EDT)

I am still looking for anyone with the surnames :Donatelli, Falconio, D'Aquila, D'Silvio, Bounanotta. They migrated to the US early in the 1900's from Ateleta, Abruzzi.
Emilia Donatelli
Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

Saturday, November 24, 2007 at 15:29:54 (US/EDT)

I am looking for any information on the Guidone Family in L'Aquila. My Grandparents' names were Guisseppe and Ida Guidone. My father was Roosevelt Anthony Guidone. They imigrated to the USA towards the end of the 1920's. I am in the preliminary stages of planning a trip to Italy and would love to visit the area my father was from. Thanks
Dianna Guidone Ronan
Detroit, Michigan USA -

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 at 19:14:52 (US/EDT)

My father Antonio DiNardo was born in Castelfrentano Abruzzio in 1896. Many of the DiNardo family lives in nearby Lanciano. My grandfather was named Stefano and my grandmother named Lucia. My father had one brother. I am looking for relatives that I may contact to receive more information and history.
Andrew DiNardo
West Deptford, New Jersey USA

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 15:22:01 (US/EDT)

I am looking for relatives in Lanciano. My grandfather, Giovanni Ciccocioppo, left Lanciano early 1900s. His wife was Isabell Nasuti and I think they were married in Lanciano. They came to America and lived in NYC. I know he left a brother in Lanciano and I think his name was Nicolo. My mother visited Lanciano in the 70s so I know there is some family there. I visited Lanciano last year but was not successful in finding relatives. Thank you.

Raleigh, North Carolina USA

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 04:24:29 (US/EDT)

Ciao a tutti, spero che capirete questo messaggio perche il mio inglese scritto non è abbastanza chiaro. Vivo in Australia da sei anni, naturalmente vengo dall Italia la mia citta e Pescara! Mi sono trasferita da poco a North Richmond e non conosco nessuno. Lo so che questo non è tanto attinente a questo sito, ma ho pensato che questa poteva essere una oppotunita per conoscere qualche italiano! Spero che qualcuno sappia leggere questo messaggio, mi scordavo di dirvi che io parlo e leggo l'inglese! A presto Luisa.
Maria Luisa
sydney, nsw North Richmond

Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 15:40:41 (US/EDT)

My Grandfather was named DeMenna and was from a town called Castell De Sangra in Italy. Anyone have any information?
Elena Bowman
Columbus, OH USA

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at 20:26:07 (US/EDT)

cerco elmira (ducky) corey/baldacci o suoi parenti. prego contattarmi alla mia email.
angelo baldacci.
pescara, abruzzo italia

Sunday, November 11, 2007 at 23:02:56 (US/EDT)

Looking for anyone related to my Grandparents, Filippo Di Bartolomeo and Laura Di Bonaventura. Both from Bellante and born in 1892 and 1898 respectively.
John Bartholomeo
Media, PA USA

Sunday, November 11, 2007 at 01:28:05 (US/EDT)

I'm looking for relatives who live in Roccamandolfi. My Father (Vincenzo James Bruno) was born in Roccamandolfi on feb 17, 1910. My Grandmother Maria Martelli Bruno was also born in Roccamandolfi on May 31, 1888. My Grandfather Tammaso Bruno born in Roccamandolfi on Dec 5, 1882. My Great-Grandparents were Vincenzo & Christina Bruno. I also had 3 Great Uncles born in Roccamandolfi, Ralph, Joe and Luigi Martelli. Great Uncle John Bruno, wife Giovanna, daughters Maria & Adeline born in Italy. Any information of family in Roccamandolfi please send or contact me. Thank You,
Dennis James Bruno
St. Johns, Florida U.S.A.

Monday, November 05, 2007 at 23:02:29 (US/EDT)

Hi! Im Lilly Donatelli and will share the genealogy of my family since you are asking for same last name Donatelli. Y will start por my ancestry that I remember My great gran father pass away when Iwas about 5 yrs old, he was te father of my gran Dad Born at Chietti, Italy, his dad was Domingo Donatelly and his Mom was Maria Laurenti de Donatelli emigrate to NY when he was 2 yrs old and when he was and adult the 3 of them mobe to Argentina, at the end of de 1800s.
He married Rosario Sabina Dalto and they have the first generation of Donatellis in Lobos, Provincia de Buenos Aires Argentina, this married person have 7 children: Amalia, Maria, Domingo Armando(my dad), Etel, Adelina, Alfonso, Adabel. My Father Domingo Armando Donatelli married to Juana Maria Tessi and their have 4 children : Mario Armando Donatelli he reside on Lobos Prov de Buenos Aires Argentina. Eugenio Publio Donatelli (he pass away on Los Angeles, California USA on 12/01/1987) Maria del Carmen Donatelli born and pass away the same day. Liliana Teresa Rosa Donatelli born octubre 03 1950 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and reside on Los Angeles, California .U.S.A. I got Married and have one daughter Maria Estefania Leda Ristic Donatelli - Rivera ( married ) and one son Ryan Ristic - Donatelli. I have 2 gransons Rocky & Benicio. I know that in Argentina are other Donatelli on San Nicolas ,etc and in Brasil too. I wish you good luck
Lilly Donatelli
Los Angeles, California U.S.A

Sunday, November 04, 2007 at 18:34:29 (US/EDT)

looking for palasciano south itali ferdinando antonio 1815 1u, lecce, mario palasciano his son 19 decembre 1945 died 16 juillet 2004, guagnano immigrate canada 1968 married christine greco in 1978 with 3 kids, natali, mario juanluca. i am the first girl 17 oct 1969 toronto but adopted from a quebec family
danielle lemire
genéve, suisse

Saturday, November 03, 2007 at 15:32:31 (US/EDT)

This is a great site, and I have received e-mail and phone calls because of the connection to this site and hope I receive more looking for the surname Di Panfilo Family. I am a 1st generation American of Italian descent and am now 84 years of age and in good health. My latest e-mail is from Australia. I keep hoping that I can hear from a "Di Panfilo" so that I can finally say hello to a "cugino" of mine.
Dan Di PanfiloSr
Leetonia, OH United States

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