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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 12:38:23 (US/EST)

Cerco informazione: nonno Antonio Scioli, nato a Torino de Sangro 16/02/1883; figlio di Mattia e Giovanna D'Intinno; sposato nonna Maria Saveria Ialea, nata 17/11/1892. Tutti le due morto na Argentina, arrivati nel puerto de Buenos Aires nel barco FRANCE 02/02/05. Cualcuno parenti natti na regione de Molisse e Abruzzo.
ana maria scioli
la plata, buenos aires Argentina

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 00:15:43 (US/EST)

hello to all corfiniesi in the world, ciao.
lucio varrasso
hamilton, canada

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 at 16:20:30 (US/EST)

Mi abuelo era Pascual Luisio, su esposa (mi nonna)es Maria Delli Pizzi, tuvieron 4 hijos varones, Vito, Gino, Doruccio y Juan; ellos vivieron con una tia llamada Cristina (que ahora vive en Milan) de familia Barone. Tenian una posada.
Si alguien sabe algo mas por favor contactarse conmigo. Muchas gracias!
Victor Maximiliano Luisio
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Argentina

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 at 13:14:14 (US/EST)

I am interested to have informations on the relatives of TOSCANI VICO, BRUNO or MARIA GRAZIA coming form CROGNALETO TERAMO immigrated in USA (may be PA or NY) during early 1900. They are sons of TOSCANI GIUSEPPE and D'ABBONDANZA DOMENICA who are the granfather and grand mother of my Mother QUIRINI GIUSEPPINA 91th living in Rome Italy. I tried to search TOSCANI surname on Telephone directory in USA and i found 25 TOSCANI's families in PA, 16 TOSCANI families in NY and other families in CA NJ,FL, CA, etc for a total of 82 TOSCANI's Familes in USA but i don't know who are the relatives of VICO, BRUNO and MARIA GRAZIA. In case of informations please send me an e_mail or contact me at +39 348 3848582 or at my adress: Domenico Marini, Via VI Strada B, 14 - ZIP 00060 Castelnuovo di Porto ROME Italy. Thanks for the cooperation.
Castelnuovo di Porto - Rome, ITALY

Sunday, August 27, 2006 at 15:11:08 (US/EST)

I am looking for any DiRados DiBartolomeos from Filetto. I have found relatives and have corresponded with them in South America. I was hoping to hear from any DiRados or DiBartolomeos in Italy. <>
Pam Hummel
Grove City, PA USA

Tue 22/08/6 02:04

I am searching for any relatives of my grandparents Nicholas Bucciarelli and Genevieve Carusi Bucciarelli.Genevieve was the daughter of Guarino and Antoinette Beato Carusi. Nicholas was the youngest of 17 children and the only boy! Genevieve was born in 1908 in Casalbordino, Provincia DeChieti and I think Nicholas was from the same town and born about 1898. Nicholas came to America in 1927 and Genevieve joined him in 1930. They settled in Scranton in 1932, where their three children still live
lisa mcdonough

Sunday, August 20, 2006 at 17:19:29 (US/EST)

I am looking for any info on the family line of the following sir names Vacca, D'Uva, Cifelli, Cicchino and Toto most on Vacca and D'uva. All from the Isernia provence. The towns of Guasto, Castelpetroso, Pastena, Indipret, Casela, and any of the surounding area.
Nancy Vacca

Sunday, August 20, 2006 at 16:37:58 (US/EST)

I am looking for relatives in Abruzzo Italy. My great grandparents were from l'aquila - pratola peligna. Their names were Dominco Petrella and antonia (di nunno) petrella. my grand mother was 5 when she left to come here - her name is maria (Petrella) Gallo. Our family has lived in the same state and town for over 70 years if there are any relatives out there I would love to here from you please feel free to write back.
Frank Gallo
Meriden, connecticut usa

Sunday, August 20, 2006 at 15:52:24 (US/EST)

Hello my name is Anthony,I am English and I am looking for my father I hope maybe someone can help point me in the right direction,I am 37 years old and would dearly love to know something of my roots on my fathers side ,my father was stationed in England at RAF(USAF) Alconbury in the late 60s early 70s,his name was Armundo Delbuono, I believe him to be from the Philadelphia area of the USA. He was a conscript in the United States airforce in the security police squadron, he would be 58-9 by now, I do not seek him for any financial gains,just to satisfy my curiosity as to my roots,as I have an empty page on my fathers side, I would be so grateful for any help at all thank you Anthony
Anthony Seymour Price
Milton Keynes, buckingham England

Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 22:15:26 (US/EST)

Hi, my name is Kelly.. I'm responding to an post that was dated in 2002, from Antonette.. It was in regards to Guiseppe Marsinelli.. That was my great-grandfather's name.. My grandfather's name was William Marsinelli.. I know that my great-grandfather was living in Malden, Massachusetts when he came over from Italy, then Ellis Island.. I'm not sure of my great-grandmother's name.. She died when my grandfather was young. My grandfather was born, I believe 1914.. The post stated Guiseppe was born in 1883.. That sounds like it could be him.. I would love to hear from you.. Please, if you see this, post another ad?? Kelly :)
Wakefield, MA USA

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 at 23:19:22 (US/EST)

Chi puo auitarmi a trovare Anna Di Berardino che viveva a mont-sur-marchienne, Belgio nel 1981. Ho sentito dire che si trova a roma. Io adesso sono nelle USA e vorrei rintracciarla. Thank you
chatelineau, hainaut belgique

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at 11:24:12 (US/EST)

Well hello my abruzzo family - I was just in Pescara looking for my grandparents family. His name was Gabriel Mirabilio his fathers name was Carmine Mirabilio and his mothers name was Maria DiTommaso. If anyone has information on where these families might be please let me know.
Armand Sticco
Quincy, MA USA

Monday, August 14, 2006 at 08:47:43 (US/EST)

I'm looking for my brother born in L'aquila Italy around September October, give or take,1954.His mother maiden name was Capaldo and my brother was given the name Raniero Capaldo,he was placed in an orphanage then collected and sent to the USA to be given to a family in Michigan. Any help would be appreciated greatly .my brother would now be 53 years old . Thanks Tony.
Antonio Quattrocchi
Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

Friday, August 11, 2006 at 11:36:01 (US/EST)

I am researching the following surnames: Guardiani, Dionisio, Cittinelli and Campagna.

Cesidio Guardiani & Francesca nee Dionisio
He born: abt. 1861 in Tocco Causauria, Abruzzi, Italy.
She born: abt. 1866 (I think the same place)
Does anyone have any information on the Dionisio family?
I found information stating that Cesidio's mother's maiden name was "Campagna"...anyone have any info on this family?
Marriage: Abt. 1887
1. John Eustachio: B. 21 May 1891 burial in Holy Cross Cem; Yeadon, PA
2. Maria: B. Abt 1891, Italy
3. Chiariana: B. Abt 1900, Italy
4. Adelina: B. Abt 1905, Italy

Son of Cesidio & Francesca
1. John Eustachio: B. 21 May 1891; D. 12 Mar 1947 Phila, PA
Married: Mary/Marie: Abt 1917
Mary Unknown B. Abt 1893 in Italy (maybe Sicily); D. 3 Aug 1953 with burial in Holy Cross Cem; Yeadon, PA
I found a census which showed a Rose Cittinelli as "mother in law". It is a "guess" that Mary/Marie's maiden name was Cittinelli...does anyone have information on Cittinelli family?
1. Joseph Cesidio: B. 3 Mar 1918; D. 31 May 1945 with burial in Holy Cross Cem; Yeadon, PA.
2. John Eustachio: B. Abt 1919 (still living)
3. Anna: B. Abt 1922; D. 26 Nov 1960 with burial in Holy Cross Cem; Yeadon, PA
son of John Eustachio-1891 & Mary/Marie 1. Joseph Cesidio Guardiani: B. 3 Mar 1918; D. 31 May 1945 with burial in Holy Cross Cem; Yeadon, PA.

Married: Rosemarie Reissman: 2 Aug 1941
Rosemarie B. 10 Dec 1923 in Germany (living) Rosemarie is the daughter of Max Emil & Katherine nee Wagner Reissmann. They immigrated to the U.S. in Nov 1927 and resided in PA.
Children: 1. Joseph Ronald: B. 1943 in PA (living)
2. Paul Steven: B. 1945 in PA (living)

Joseph Cesidio (1918) joined the Army in 10 Dec 1942 just after he married in Aug 1941. The tragic story is that he and several other soldiers were run over by a truck (drunk driver) and killed on Memorial Day, 31 May 1945.
I have been told that his wife was visiting her sister while Joseph and several of his buddies went to the movies. As they got off the bus, they were hit. Joseph's wife, Rosemarie, was 8 1/2 months pregnant with their second son when Joseph was killed. Rosemarie was so distraught, she remembers very little about this accident. I don't know where this accident happened; he lived in Philadelphia, PA but he may have been going to the movies "on base" as he was still in the Army. I have searched and searched for info on this tragic accident, but have had no luck.
Does anyone have any information on this Guardiani family from Italy?

Nancie Whitfield
Marietta, GA USA

Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 22:26:59 (US/EST)

I have just begun to research my father's family heritage. My Grandfather was born in Frisa and my grandmother born in Villamagna. I don't know what church they were baptized but am looking into it. My grandfather's name was Alphonso DiCamilla and my grandmother's name was Anoinette DeLuca. They both settled in Wilmington, Delaware in the early 1900's. If you know where I can get their birth certificates in these two towns please let me know. God Bless!
Mary Ann Calvo
West Chester, PA U.S.A.

Thursday, August 10, 2006 at 17:20:11 (US/EST)

Great site, and kudos to the director. My grandfather [Silvino Donatucci] left Chieti in 1905 for America. Married [Concetta Masciavecchio], who I believe lived in Bucchianico and raised a large family who would love to hear from relatives living around the world. We are 4 generations now living and would like to swap stories...
Lou Donatucci Jr
Feasterville, Pennsylvania USA -

Wednesday, August 09, 2006 at 16:39:52 (US/EST)

Hello, I am looking for information on my Grandmother's family, we have very litte information and I'd like to fill in the family tree! My grandmother's maiden name was Biocco, the family was from Isola del Gran Sasso (sp?) and her parents must have come over to the US around 1912-1918??? They came through New York I believe, but eventually settled in the Philadelphia area. I know my grandmother's name at birth was Pasqualena (changed to Pauline) and she had a sister Marguerite (changed toMarge) and a brother, Nick (not sure what it was originally). I know almost nothing about my great-grandparents, and would like to know if anyone else is from this family. I do know my great-grandmother was a devout Catholic and never learned English -- in fact, one of the reasons we know so little about her is she practically disowned my Grandmother for marrying someone who was not Italian! It is my understanding that we still have relatives in the Abruzzi area. I can read (but not write) in Italian, so don't hesitate to respond if this is your language.
McLean, VA USA

Tuesday, August 08, 2006 at 23:52:58 (US/EST)

My names is Marcos Provvidenti I was born in Rafela- Santa Fe - Argentina I am trying to find my Italian origin. If somebody have any information about "Provvidenti Family" can email me at marcosprovvidenti@yahoo.com.ar Thanks a lot
Marcos Provvidenti
Santa Fe, Santa Fe Argentina

Friday, August 04, 2006 at 00:44:59 (US/EST)

Hello to my cousin Marta Ferreti in Verona if anyone knows her Please give her a kiss on the cheek foe me. Viva Ofena
Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A

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