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Monday, May 31, 1999 at 13:09:23 (CDT)

Our name was changed 70 years ago. Can't find anybody that is familar with the name Francione. My father was born in Roccamore in 1896 and had five brothers. All came to this country in/around 1905/6. Can anyone help?
Anthony French [Francione]

Sunday, May 30, 1999 at 08:38:15 (CDT)

Sono nato a Cansano(L'Aquila) desidero mandare un saluto a tutti gli abruzzesi nel mondo. Ho vissuto a Campo Di Giove, Ateleta, CastelDiSangro, L'aquila e pizzoli.Fatevi sentire tramite E-Mail. Saluti,romeo
Romeo Di Giallonardo
Flushing, N.Y. USA

Saturday, May 29, 1999 at 18:13:38 (CDT)

Great site. I really enjoyed the quick lesson in italian. I brushed up on it a bit. Well just wondering if anyone out there with the lastname DE ANGELIS, CAPPELLUCCI, BRANDOLINO, FANTAUZZI. This would be of great help. Thanks.
A. De Angelis
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 16:39:31 (CDT)

Hello my fellow Abruzzese!!! I will be visiting Celano in July and looking forward to meeting my family after 11 years. Fumo is my mothers maiden name and if there are any Fumo's out there drop me a line, hey maybe we can hook up in Celano ~ if you are there this July.
Tina Ricci
Burnaby, BC Canada

Wednesday, May 26, 1999 at 22:55:32 (CDT)

Visited Popoli in Abruzzo in May of 99. A great experience. People were very gracious, driving a breeze, food,drink and housing great. Found language not to be a barrier to a pleasant visit.
Bob Bucci
Waukesha, Wisconsin USA

Monday, May 24, 1999 at 17:40:05 (CDT)

Like to hear from anyone who knows the town of Civitaluparella nella Provincia di Chieti.
Or anyone who has the last name of Schieda.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Nicola Schieda
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Sunday, May 23, 1999 at 06:50:19 (CDT)

Ciao tutti gli Abruzzesi.
I'm looking for TOCCOLANI Ngi're
Mario iezzoni (Pietromartire)

Sunday, May 23, 1999 at 03:09:06 (CDT)

family name rosa. fossa province of laquila.
lui rosa
melbourne, victoria australia

* * *

I was born in ToccoCasauria Provincia di Pescara. I have not been able to find much infomation/historical on Tocco. Is there a Hotel or Pensione a Tocco?
Ohio U.S.A.

Thursday, May 20, 1999 at 19:14:50 (CDT)

Your site was reccomended to me by a member
I will begin exporing the site now.
Sylvester Rossi
Laurel Springs, New Jersey USA

* * *

e' meglio andare a riccione!
mirko e valeria
bologna, italia

Friday, May 14, 1999 at 14:37:50 (CDT)

would like to communicate with other Tarantelli's
Ernest J. Tarantelli
scott depot, wvUSA

Friday, May 14, 1999 at 13:14:30 (CDT)

Fantastic! I am so happy to have found this! For many years, I wanted to research my family tree, hopefully I will be able to do some research on it!
Anne-Marie Baccanale
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Friday, May 14, 1999 at 13:09:12 (CDT)

Very happy to have found this site. I will be traveling to
Abruzzo in 2001 to live for one year. Purpose is to
fill in our family tree. My father Joseph Petrillo was born
somewhere in Abruzzo, I believe about 1890.
Any information about the surname Petrillo, Petrilli
or any other derivative would be welcome.
Richard Petrillo
Portland, Oregon USA

Saturday, May 08, 1999 at 16:22:23 (CDT)

Ho letto di Abruzzo 2000 in un articolo di Mila Fiordalisi su Il Messaggero, edizione Abruzzo. Non credevo che fosse una iniziativa così interessante. Consente di mantenere, soprattutto a chi vive lontano, magari dall'altra parte del mondo, un legame con la propria terra. Con le proprie radici che nessuno e niente può mai cancellare. Ciao a tutti.
paolo traini
francavilla al mare, italia chieti

Thursday, May 06, 1999 at 22:39:02 (CDT)


* * *

Stato felice per trovare questo site della cittá della mia famiglia. Mi piacerebe notizie di qualcuno Fronterotta. Grazie.
Carlos Fronterotta
São Paulo, SP BRAZIL

Sunday, May 02, 1999 at 23:06:52 (CDT)

I am secretary of the celano canadian club, this year we celebrate our thirtieth anniversary, and it would be wonderful to have other celanesi join us in the many celabrations we have planned this year. Actually, we would welcome celanesi from any where in the world to join us. If interested send me an e-mail and I will send you a list of events.

Sunday, May 02, 1999 at 19:40:37 (CDT)

My family is from Palena and San Valentino. Looking for family who live in Rome originally from Palena, the name is De Ritis. Also looking for realtives from Palena the name is Margadonna.
Joe Ascenzo
<jascenzo -->
Livingston, NJ

* * *

I am researching root in Roccamorrice, near Chieti.My maternal grandfather was the caretaker at the Santo Spirito Church.
Surnames researching: cafferelli, Di Giorgio, Pietrangelo, Di Pasquale.
Catherine Burriesci
Syracuse, NY USA

Sunday, May 02, 1999 at 19:19:24 (CDT)

we will be in abbruzzo on maggio 18 and hope to look up relatives name of Toppa who came from Manopello. Also the deMatteo family. we have lost contact with the family over theyears and are hoping to get reunited with our family. If Not we plan to enjoy the area and will get tounderstand the area from whiich our ancestors came. looking forward to our trip.. Marilhyn and Francesca
marilyn toppa moffatt
newport, ri USA

Sunday, May 02, 1999 at 19:17:31 (CDT)

Sbject.Antonio Tamburro.
I am looking for any family that may be related to my Grandfather Antonio.He was born in Sattafrati,on March8th 1868,the son of Valerio and francesca Tamburro.He was in the 10thIfantry regiment .ser#4448 and discharged July 1891.He settled in England after attempting to go to the United States.Any imformation would be very much appreciated.
John Tamburri
Los Angeles , California U.S.A.

Saturday, May 01, 1999 at 22:05:42 (CDT)

I am researching root in Roccamorrice, near Chieti.My maternal grandfather was the caretaker at the Santo Spirito Church.
Surnames researching: cafferelli, Di Giorgio, Pietrangelo, Di Pasquale.
Catherine Burriesci
Syracuse, NY USA

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