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Friday, April 30, 2004 at 10:11:27 (CDT)

Looking for any other PICCIANO or ZINNI family with ancestors from either the town of Picciano in Abruzzo or from Molise (Castropignano and nearby towns).
Amy Picciano Aki
Honolulu, HI United States

Thursday, April 29, 2004 at 06:09:05 (CDT)


Thursday, April 29, 2004 at 05:29:26 (CDT)

hello to all ,i am looking for ALFONSI surname in US .i live in australia my mothers maiden name is alfonsi my grandmother is in her 90,s.I would like to tell her more about our family my name is patrizio my email thefalcon64 at hotmail-dot-com
liverpool, nsw australia

Tuesday, April 27, 2004 at 21:57:45 (CDT)

Ciao Italia

I am looking for any relatives that would be living in the Chieti area - Casalinguida by the name of colontonio - my grandmother's name was Settimia and she came to America in the early 1900's and I believe she left one sister in Italy. Also, my grandfather whose name was Luzio Iannelli. Also any relatives from Basilacata family name Siderio.
wilmington, de usa

Monday, April 26, 2004 at 03:54:04 (CDT)

great sight. my parents were from sulmona .dad was from a town called fonte amore and mum from a town called badia.also my grandparents on dad side move here to Adelaide ,Australia. but my grand father brother moved to America to a place called Youngstown Ohio .we still keep in touch but if there is any Quattrocchi s out there send me a email .
adelaide, south australia australia

Sunday, April 25, 2004 at 16:09:04 (CDT)

I am looking for confirmation data, about my great-grandfather who cames to Brazil from VASTO, in 1890: FRANCESCO DILABIO, and his wife FILOMENA MARCHESANI.
If you know some close relatives from one of them, I'll be gratful, if you can contact me.
Edna Delabio
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil

Saturday, April 24, 2004 at 18:47:13 (CDT)

Hello To Everyone From Abruzzo, (Cansano)
Yes, Cansano. As I said, My Name is Anthony Di Giallonardo. My Entire Family came from Cansano in the molise section of Abruzzo. My parents moved to NJ after WWII. most of my family Members moved to Austriala. Those are the family members I am looking for. I am looking for my father's cousins who live somewhere in Melbourne.
If there is someone in Melbourne who is a Di Giallonardo or formerly a Di Giallonardo, please e-mail me. I would like to chat with you. My Father's name is Rocco and my mother is Mariastella. I have never been to Cansano and though my Italian is rusty I hope to go back someday. If anyone from Austrialia reads this, please contact me. My father has three or five cousins who were related to him. Their names are Quido, Francesco, Gino and Giambatisa and Antonio Di Giallonardo. I don't know if any of this people still live in Austrialia or live somewhere else. This is just about all the information I have. Thanks again to everyone who is reading this.
Anthony Di Giallonardo

Saturday, April 24, 2004 at 15:42:25 (CDT)

I am researching our family name RITA I know my GGGG Grandfather was born in Naples Italy and came to England in the late 1700's I would dearly love to hear from anyone with connections to us or could help me find this family.
Marianne King (nee Rita)
London, England

Saturday, April 24, 2004 at 14:41:02 (CDT)

My grandfather, Larry Lorenzo, Migrated to Chicago from Italy in 1908. I dey here oooo.
Guyman Olu Lorenzo

Friday, April 23, 2004 at 18:26:28 (CDT)

My grandparents on my mothers side came from Italy
His name was Biggio Pettinella he had three sisters Her name was Gisella Sideri If anyone knows anything about this families I would love to hear from you Thank you Susan Barnett
Susan Barnett
Bloomingdale, Ohio USA

Monday, April 19, 2004 at 22:26:36 (CDT)

looking for any relatives in collebrincioni who may be my cousins my father was born there i have been there before but its been a long time thanks enrico nanni
oakfield, new york usa

Monday, April 19, 2004 at 17:51:53 (CDT)

My father's side of the family is from Campotosto, Italy. I visited that charming village last year but was unable to connect with anyone. Our son is there right now and was lucky to find some of our relatives. I love Italy and am so proud to be an Italian. My maiden name is Deli......I was born and raised in New Castle, Penna. My mother's maiden name was Orrico, from St.Caterina Albanese, Calabria.
My mother and Dad who are deceased were Tony and Mary Dely (Deli).
kathleen deli prossen
Longwood, Florida USA

Monday, April 19, 2004 at 07:40:10 (CDT)

hola soy hija de abruzzese, me encanta entrar en esta pagina los felicito. Hija de Rocco Farinelli y deAnna Ricci ,me encanta entrar en este sitio y tambien me gustaria si algun familiar mio se comunica. Muchas gracias y saludos para todos.
patricia farinelli
argentina, bs as

Sunday, April 18, 2004 at 22:28:44 (CDT)

Thank you so much for the information available on this website!! I am looking for my grandparents who came from GESSOPALENA in the late 1800s. The names I am researching are: TROILO; DI LIBERATO and DE GREGORIO. I can be reached at: monkeygirljar at earthlink.net. If you have any ideas for me, they would be appreciated, as my husband and I are going to Italy in Sept. '04.
Janet A. Troilo Whitely
Tucson, AZ USA

Friday, April 16, 2004 at 16:40:17 (CDT)

auguri del web molto buono saluti a tutti i castellani di castel di sangro
lerice giacinto
boise, idaho usa

Thursday, April 15, 2004 at 04:33:22 (CDT)

Hello I try again.
I search for Donato Filippone (The brother my Grand father Vincenzo Filippone emigrated bettwen 1920-1930 in the United States. Vincenzo syayed in italy and died in 1951, only 39 year's old.
Donato was from Pianella in Abruzzo. Please help.
Freddy Filippone
Charleroi, Belgium

Tuesday, April 13, 2004 at 11:38:38 (CDT)

Looking for info on Great Grandparents - Angelo DeStefano and Antonietta Tallone from Rochetta San Antonio. Will be visiting in Spring 2005 and hope to meet some relatives! They left Italy early 1900's and settled in Boston, MA, USA

hopkinton, ma usa

Monday, April 12, 2004 at 21:36:56 (CDT)

Am interested in any information about Chicone/Ciccone family from Villa Santa Lucia degli Abruzzi. Please contact me to share information. Thanks
andrea tsikouras
atlantic city, nj united states

Monday, April 12, 2004 at 08:45:44 (CDT)

I am looking for any information about my great grandparents. Ponfilio Balassone and Rosa Cardamone. Ponfilio was born 1864 in Sulmona, L'Aquila, Abruzzo. his mother died and he left for Brazil then U.S in 1878. His mother's name was DeLollo, do not know first name. His father remarried in Sulmona.
also Rosa Cardamone, born 1868 in Cosenza, Calabria. She had one sister, Caroline. both came to U.S. at an early age.if anyone has any information please E-mail.
Serofino Giambattista
Niagara Falls, N.Y. U.S.

Monday, April 12, 2004 at 08:36:33 (CDT)

I am looking for any information about my great grandparents. Antonio Marinucci and Marta Fioravanti from Ascoli Piceno, Marche. Antonio was born 1862. They had four sons, Hugo, Guido, Agostino, Guiseppi. Hugo died in WW1. Antonio and Marta married in Ascoli, and all children born in Ascoli. They immigrated to U.S. in 1916. Antonio returned to Ascoli in 1923 after the death of Marta and remarried in Ascoli. He died there in 1942. Any help please E-mail.
Serofino Giambattista
Niagara Falls, NY uS

Saturday, April 10, 2004 at 17:35:57 (CDT)

Hi am looking for anyone with the last name Ortona trying to find fam with that name my Grandfather was Filippo Ortona cousins brother sister antone that can he i would love it thanks
Catherine Ortona
westfield , mass usa

Saturday, April 10, 2004 at 08:28:33 (CDT)

I am interested in knowing and understanding about my heritage. If anyone has any information about the Roccomante family and/or the Moneta family (greatgrandfather's name: Agostino Moneta) please let me know.
Daniela La Spina
brisbane, Qld australia

Friday, April 09, 2004 at 12:21:52 (CDT)

We are looking for the name of the parish of Pratola Peligna, in the province of Aquila, di Loreto Ernesto. We're specifically seeking information on the Colangelo family, to whom we are related.
Halifax, NS Canada

Friday, April 09, 2004 at 09:13:06 (CDT)

Congratulations on a very informative site. Abruzzo is a scenic and great location. Ciao to all the Cansanesi.
Michael Di Silvio

Wednesday, April 07, 2004 at 19:00:18 (CDT)

Hi , I was just in Italy and enjoyed my visit to Acciano, my grandmother's home town. Her name was Ida Ciaglia.

Saturday, April 03, 2004 at 23:03:23 (CST)

I'd like to hear from anyone from my grandfathers family "Marcello Sozio". His town was Lanciano Chieti
Also, would like to hear from anyone other than family that might have some information too.
Toni Ann Sozio

Friday, April 02, 2004 at 18:05:40 (CST)

Dear Webmaster:
Congratulations to you on your Abruzzo 2000 website. Have been conducting some research and the site is very helpful.
Best wishes,
Creston & Associates

Friday, April 02, 2004 at 09:58:14 (CST)

patrick di francesco

Thursday, April 01, 2004 at 21:53:12 (CST)

Hi: We are looking for our family members in Naples, Italy. Our surname is D'Ambrosio. Our grandfather came for somewhere in Naples...His name was Anthony. Moved to Buffalo, NY and owned a restaurant called the two bit club..any info would be helpful..thanks so much..
Donna Sugarman
Bradenton, FL USA

Thursday, April 01, 2004 at 20:48:55 (CST)

your website is very,very informative.Thank you so much.
patrick di francesco
no. syracuse, new york u.s.a.

Thursday, April 01, 2004 at 17:38:21 (CST)

I want to say 'hi' to all the people from Miglianico, Chieti. Ciao a tutti.
Rita Di Giacomo (nee Firmani)
Etobicoke, Ontario Canada

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