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Festivities and events in the month of November.

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November, no definite date yet
  • Penne (PE): Premio Penne di letteratura (literary prize)
  • Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata (TE): Festival della canzone per Bambini (Children's Songs) "Fiore d'Oro"
  • Trasacco (AQ): Festival of potatoes and sausages
  • Turrivalligiani (PE): Festa del Ringraziamento

1 November
  • Lettomanoppello (PE): Feast of all Saints lasting four days, with a procession in honour of San Rocco (a much loved figure in the Abruzzese countryside) on the final day
  • Montereale (AQ): Sagra della castagna

2 November
  • Valle Castellana (TE): Sagre of Chestnuts and Potatoes, also on the following days

3 November
  • Palombaro (CH): Feast of Madonna della Libera

4 November
  • Roccamontepiano (CH): Feast of San Carlo

5 November

6 November

7 November
  • Beffi (AQ): Village Fair

8 November

9 November
  • Poggio Picenze (AQ): Festival of cattle

10 November
  • Scanno (AQ): "Le Glorie", high piles of wood are set on fire to celebrate San Martino

11 November
    San Martino, marking the beginning of the farmer's year, is celebrated in many places with dances, comical interludes, and first tasting of the new wine
  • Bolognano (PE): Feast of San Martino, with tasting of "vino novello" (newly made wine)
  • Fara San Martino (CH): Feast of St. Martino, with Sagra della Caldarrosta (roasted chestnut festival)
  • Nereto (TE): San Martino's Market-fair
  • San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore (PE): Festa dei Cornuti (Festival of all "horned" - those whose spouses have been unfaithful, that are said to have horns therefore) in honor of San Martino, with parade of allegorical carts

12 November

13 November

14 November

15 November

16 November

17 November

18 November

19 November

20 November

21 November
  • Filetto (CH): Feast of Madonna della Libera
  • San Demetrio nei Vestini (AQ): Fair of "bucalette"

22 November

23 November

24 November

25 November
  • Barisciano (AQ): feast of Santa Caterina

26 November

27 November

28 November

29 November

30 November

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