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Festivities and events in the month of September.

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September, no date fixed
  • Ari (CH): Porchetta (delicious roasted young pork) festival
  • Avezzano (AQ): Potato festival
  • Basciano (TE): Passeggiata delle Canestrelle, a procession to the Madonna of Ponte Lungo to offer gifts
  • Bolognano (PE): Sagra dei dolci tipici (festival of traditional sweets and cakes)
  • Cerchio (AQ): Fiera "in nome di Maria" (a fair held since 1633)
  • Civitella Messer Raimondo (CH): Feast of San Rocco, Sant'Antonio and Madonna dell'Addolorata
  • Città Sant'Angelo (PE): early in the month, Sagra dell'Uva (grapes festival) with parade of allegorical carts
  • Fossacesia (CH): Sagra dell'Uva (Grapes festival)
  • Giuliano Teatino (CH): Sagra dell'Uva e del Vino (grapes and wine festival)
  • Mozzagrogna (CH): Festa dell'uva (grapes festival)
  • Nereto (TE): Festival of "Capra alla Neretese" (a special dish made from goat meat)
  • Poggiofiorito (CH): Sagra dell'Uva (grapes festival)
  • Ripa Teatina (CH): Feast of patron Saint and Sagra della Porchetta
  • Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata (TE): first decade of the month, market-fair of typical products
  • Turrivalligiani (PE): Festa dell'Emigrante, with sagra della sagna e fagioli (festival of hand-made pasta and beans)
  • Vicoli (PE): Feast of Madonna del Cinghiale

1 September
  • Campli (TE): Celebration of the Virgin Mary
  • Civitaquana (PE): Feast of Sant'Egidio and Emidio, continued to the following day
  • Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata (TE): Feast of patron Sant'Egidio with market-fair
  • Villavallelonga (AQ): Feast of Saints leucio, Rocco and Nicola, continuing up to 4 September

2 September
  • L'Aquila: Opening of the "Festival dell'Elettronica"
  • Castel di Ieri (AQ): Village Fair

3 September
  • Torano Nuovo (TE): Sagra of the "Minestrone alla Torricellese" with music and dances, continues through early September

4 September
  • Lanciano (CH): Palio delle Contrade e Sfilata del Mastrogiurato, two of the greatest historical reenactments throughout Abruzzo
  • Bugnara (AQ): Feast of St. Magno and St. Vittorino , continues the following day
  • Santo Stefano di Sessanio (AQ): Festival of lentils with folk music and traditional games, continues throughout the weekend

5 September
  • Cerchio (AQ): Feast of Madonna delle Grazie
  • Frisa (CH): Feast of madonna delle Grazie
  • Montefino (TE): Feast of Madonna dlle Grazie
  • Navelli (AQ): Feast of Madonna dell'Arco
  • Pacentro (AQ): Feast of Madonna di Loreto with "corsa degli zingari" (gypsy race), youths running barefoot to the Sanctuary
  • Tagliacozzo (AQ): Feast of Madonna dell'Oriente

6 September
  • Cagnano (AQ): Sagra del Fungo Porcino (Boletus festival), continued through 7-8 September
  • Monteodorisio (CH): Feast of Madonna delle Grazie, with pilgrims coming in huge numbers
  • Serramonacesca (PE): Feast of San Liberatore, with auction sale of gifts

7 September
  • Villa Celiera (PE): Feast of Madonna Regina Coeli

8 September
  • Abbateggio (PE): Feast of Madonna dell'Elcina
  • Castel del Monte (AQ): Processione notturna della Madonna dei Pastori (Nightly procession of Shepherds' Madonna)
  • Lanciano (CH): "Il dono", procession of people in traditional rustic costumes bringing offerings to the Madonna del Ponte
  • Morino (AQ): Feast of Madonna del Buon Consiglio
  • Pescasseroli (AQ): Feast of Incoronata (Crowning of the Virgin)
  • Pizzoferrato (CH): Feast of Madonna delle Grazie, continues the following day
  • Rosello (CH): Feast of Madonna delle Grazie, during which the statue of Our Lady is carried from house to house

9 September
  • Abbateggio (PE): Fair and Lentils festival, continued through the Sunday

10 September
  • San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore (PE): Feast of San Nicola
  • Scurcola Marsicana (AQ): Feast of Santa Maria della Vittoria

11 September
  • Castiglione Messer Marino (CH): feast of Madonna del Monte, with a pilgrimage to the sanctuary within the ancient "Lupara " forest

12 September
  • Castiglione Messer Marino (CH): Folk procession of women carrying on their heads the traditional Abruzzese conca (copper pot) full of wheat and other gifts to the Virgin

13 September
  • Furci (CH): Feast of patron saints
  • Montereale (AQ): Festa del Beato Andrea

14 September
  • Lanciano (CH): Feast of Madonna del Ponte and horseraces, lasting throughout the 15 and 16th of September
  • Torrebruna (CH): Feast of Santa Vittoria at Guardiabruna, continuing to Sept. 15

15 September
  • Pietranico (PE): Feast of Madonna della Croce, continued to the following day

16 September
  • Catignano (PE): Feast of San Croce, continuing the following day

17 September

18 September
  • Caporciano (AQ): Feast of Patron San Pellegrino
  • San Salvo (CH): Feast of San Rocco

19 September
  • Notaresco (TE): Feast of San Gennaro
  • Tocco da Casauria (PE): Feast of Sant'Eustachio

20 September

21 September

22 September
  • Schiavi d'Abruzzo (CH): Feast of San Maurizio

23 September
  • Collarmele (AQ): Feast of Madonna della Mercede
  • Forcella, near Teramo (TE): Folk dance of the "insegna" to celebrate Santa Maria della Misericordia
  • Schiavi d'Abruzzo (CH): Feast of Sant'Emidio

24 September
  • Cugnoli (PE): Feast of Santo Stefano

25 September

26 September
  • Altino (CH): Feast of Saints Cosma and Damiano, continuing through the following day
  • Castel Guidone (CH): Feast of santa Clementina
  • Lentella (CH): Feast of Saints Cosma and Damiano, with a procession of girls in traditional costumes bearing Abruzzese "conche" (copper pots), continuing to the 28th of September

27 September
  • Castel di Sangro (AQ): Feast of Sant'Emidio and SS. Cosma and Damiano
  • Roccascalegna (CH): Feast of Saints Cosma and Damiano, with procession of "conche e conocchie" (Abruzzese copper pots and spindles) full of wheat

28 September
  • Perano (CH): Feast of Madonna dell'Addolorata and San Rocco, continues the following days

29 September
  • Arielli (CH): Feast of San Michele Arcangelo
  • Carpineto SInello (CH): Feast of San Michele Arcangelo, continuing the following day
  • Gioia dei Marsi (AQ): Feast of S. Vincenzo and San Michele Arcangelo
  • Liscia (CH): Feast of San Michele
  • Villa Sant'Angelo (AQ): Feast of San Michele Arcangelo

30 September