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Festivities and events in the month of May.

Other months

May, not yet definite date
  • Atessa (CH): La "ntorcia" of San Martino
  • Bellante (TE): Feast of Sant'Attanasio
  • Morino (AQ): Procession to Santa Maria del Pertuso hermitage
  • Pratola Peligna (AQ): Feast of Madonna della Libera
  • Tollo (CH): Maggiolata Tollese, with folk choirs
  • Turrivalligiani (PE): Sagra delle fave

1 May
    Labour Day
  • Canosa Sannita (CH): Feast of saints Filippo and Giacomo, with the two statues of the saints carried in procession
  • Carunchio (CH): Procession from the Sanctuary Santa Maria della Valle to the village
  • Cellino Attanasio (TE): Feast of Sant'Attanasio
  • Chieti (CH): "Le virtù", ancient traditional dish prepared with pasta, vegetable and beans, with propitiatory aims
  • Cugnoli (PE): Feast of the Virgin Mary at Vallarno
  • Francavilla (CH): Boat procession in honour of Santa Liberata
  • Ortona (CH): Festa del Perdono (pardon day) in honour of St Thomas the Apostle, continued throughout May 3
  • Pescina (AQ): Feast of San Bernardo
  • Roccamontepiano (CH): Feast of San Giuseppe
  • Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata (TE): Bif famous market-fair

2 May
  • Bucchianico (CH): procession to Church of San Camillo
  • Navelli (AQ): Distribution of holy loaves of bread ("panarde") (always takes place on the first Sunday in May)
  • Pietranico (PE): Feast of Madonna della Croce, continued to the following day
  • Pretoro (CH): celebration of the Miracle of San Domenico and the Wolf, with theatrical performance in costume and snake rites
  • Rapino (CH): feast of san Domenico, with representation of episodes from the Saint's life
  • Torrevecchia Teatina (CH): Feast of Madonna della Libera
  • Villa Sant'Angelo (AQ): Feast of Madonna della Libera
  • Villavallelonga (AQ): Feast of Madonna della Lanna

3 May
  • Torino di Sangro (CH): Feast of San Croce
  • Tornareccio (CH): Feast of San Nicola

4 May
  • Tornareccio (CH): Feast of Sant'Emidio

5 May
  • Cocullo (AQ): Feast of S. Domenico Abate, with the celebrated "processione dei serpari", one of the most remarkable folk feasts in Italy: the statue of the saint is carried in a procession covered with live snakes; the peculiar tradition was influenced by the old pagan snake rites of the area
  • Pescosansonesco (PE): Feast of Beato Nunzio Sulprizio

6 May

7 May
  • Collecorvino (PE): Feast of Santa Lucia, continued to the following day
  • Penne (PE): Feast of San Massimo

8 May
  • Furci (CH): Feast of patron saints
  • Nereto (TE): Sagra della favetta e torneo di ruzzola (Broad Bean festival and folk games tournament)
  • Taranta Peligna (CH): Feast of Sant'Ubaldo
  • Archi (CH): Feast of San Nicola, continuing through the following day
  • Balsorano (AQ): Pilgrimage to San Michele hermitage
  • Chieti (CH): Feast of patron Saint Giustino
  • Guilmi (CH): Feast of San Nicola, with procession of people bearing the characteristic Abruzzese conche (copper pots) full of local food, which are then auctioned for sale
  • Liscia (CH): Feast of San Michele
  • Ofena (AQ): Feast of San Nicola di Bari
  • Ortona dei Marsi (AQ): Feast of San Generoso
  • Rapino (CH): Procession of the "Verginelle" (6 to 10 year old girls dressed in white), in commemoration of an ancient thirst which was terminated through the miraculous intervention of the Madonna di Carpineto
  • Roccacasale (AQ): Feast of San Michele Arcangelo
  • Roccamontepiano (CH): Feast of San Francesco Caracciolo
  • San Vito Chietino (CH): Feast of Madonna del Porto, with traditional boat procession

9 May
  • Castelvecchio Subequo (AQ): Feast of Sant'Emidio
  • Crecchio (CH): Sagra delle fave (Festival of broad beans)
  • Manoppello (PE): Feast of the Volto Santo
  • Sant'Eusanio Forconese (AQ): Feast of Sant'Eusanio
  • Vacri (CH): Pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Santa Maria dele Grazie, at Francavilla

10 May

11 May
  • Goriano Sicoli (AQ): Feast of Santa Gemma

12 May
  • Carapelle Calvisio (AQ): Feast of San Pancrazio

13 May

14 May
  • Ancarano (TE): Feast of Madonna della Carità
  • Capestrano (AQ): Feast of San Giovanni da Capestrano

15 May
  • Altino (CH): Feast of Madonna delle Grazie.

16 May

17 May
  • Cappelle sul Tavo (PE): Feast of San Pasquale
  • Oricola (AQ): Feast of S. Restituta

18 May
  • Canzano (TE): celebrations in honor of Madonna dell'Alno, continued to May 19 and 20
  • Oricola (AQ): Feast of S. Luigi

19 May
  • feast of San Pietro Celestino

20 May
  • Gissi (CH): feast of San Bernardino da Siena

21 May
    Ascension Day
  • Ari (CH): Celebration for the Ascension of Christ to Heaven

22 May

23 May
  • Bucchianico (CH): Feast of the banderesi, historical re-enactment of the victory of Bucchianico over Chieti in the XIII century

24 May
  • Acciano, AQ festivity of the Madonna della Valle

25 May
  • Bucchianico (CH): Feast of Sant'Urbano

26 May
  • Sant'Eusanio del Sangro (CH): Feast of Patron San Filippo

27 May
  • Torino di Sangro (CH): Feast of Madonna di Loreto, also following days

28 May
  • Arielli (CH): Feast of San Mauro
  • San Salvo (CH): Feast of Madonna delle Grazie
  • Silvi (TE): "Lu cencialone", a big bonfire and popular dances in memory of an episode which took place in the war against the Turks: the invaders, who had Silvi under siege, were blinded by an enormous, shining torch, and were rejected

29 May
  • Perano (CH): Feast of patrons San Filippo neri and San Nicola, continues the following days

30 May
  • Acciano (AQ), Feast of St. Petronilla
  • Castellafiume (AQ): Feast of San Nicola di Bari and the Madonna del Rosario
  • Fraine (CH): Feast of "Mater Domini", continues up to June 1st
  • Paglieta (CH): Feast of San Canzio, Canziano and Canzianella, continued to the following day
  • Rocca di Mezzo (AQ): festa del Narciso (Daffodil festival) with procession of allegorical carts prepared with this flower, millions of which are used all over to welcome the warm season

31 May
    Pentecoste (Whitsun)
  • Loreto Aprutino (PE): Feast of San Zopito, during which a white ox, ridden by a child in white robes, is obliged to kneel down before the Saint's statue, and then follows it into the Church, in memory of a 1711 miracle; continuing to the Monday
  • Luco dei Marsi (AQ): Pentecoste Fair with performance in historical costumes
  • Pescara (PE): Feast of the Madonna dei Sette Dolori, continued through early June
  • Pescocostanzo (AQ): Feast of Madonna del Colle

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