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Provinces of Abruzzo
Carnival representations and festivals in various places, no fixed day available
  • Castiglione Messer Marino (CH): Carnevale castiglionese, with folk parade in costume
  • Francavilla (CH): Carnevale d'Abruzzo
  • Magliano de' Marsi (AQ):Carnevale, calcio torneo, gioco popolare a squadre
  • Pettorano sul Gizio (AQ): "testamento di carnevale"
  • Rapino (CH): Theatrical representation of the Carnevale dei Briganti
  • Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata (TE): Carnevale Sant'Egidiese, with parade of decorated waggons and people in costume for the best performance among the "contrade" (ancient city quarters)
  • Tornareccio (CH): Fiera campionaria (Fair)

1 February

2 February
  • Vittorito (AQ): Feast of San Biagio

3 February
    San Biagio is celebrated in many places with burning of a "fantoccio"
  • Canzano (TE): celebration of patron San Biagio
  • Castiglione a Casauria (PE): Feast of patron Saints Biagio and Emilio, with festivals of "moscato" wine and "ciambella" (typical cake baked on San Biagio's feast)
  • Colledimezzo (CH): Feast of San Biagio
  • Fontecchio (AQ): San Biagio Fair
  • Taranta Peligna (CH): Feast of San Biagio, with preparation of "panicelle", loafs of bread in the form of the saint's fingers which, according to the tradition, are eaten in protection against throat ailments

4 February

5 February
  • Civitaluparella (CH): Feast of patron Saint Agata

6 February

7 February

8 February

9 February

10 February

11 February

12 February

13 February

14 February

15 February

16 February

17 February

18 February

19 February

20 February

21 February

22 February

23 February
  • Carnival

24 February

25 February
  • Last Day of Carnival

26 February
  • Ash Wednesday - Mercoledì delle Ceneri

27 February
  • San Benedetto dei Marsi (AQ): Feast of San Gabriele

28 February

29 February