Rapino, Province of Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy

Province of Chieti, Abruzzo region Of very ancient origin, Rapino was known in the past for the art of ceramics, brought to the highest splendour by Fedele Cappelletti and other famous potters of his family; recently this activity has been growing again.
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Altitude: 420 m a.s.l -- Distance from Chieti: 20 km -- Population: ca. 1400 inhabitants in 2010 -- Zip code: 66010 -- Phone Area Code: 0871 -- Frazioni: Case Nuove, Colle Cese, Coste Micucci, Ortaglio, Piano, Pretaro, Vicenne -- How to reach it: motorway: A25 exit Chieti - road: SS 81 from Chieti


The oldest findings of human settlements in the area date back to the Paleolithic. In the "Grotta del Colle" a huge circular cave, the famous "Bronze of Rapino" a slab with an inscription in Oscan, was found in 1846. In the Middle Ages the countryside was involved in the colonization by Benedictine monks. Among its feudal lords were the Orsini and the Colonna.

arrowPoints of Interest

  • the Shrine of Madonna di Carpineto (Our Lady of Carpineto) built in memory of the apparition of Our Lady to a shepherd boy
  • the ruins of the walls and high tower on the hill, near which opens the Grotta del Colle, of prehistoric origin, and a place of worship until the Middle Ages.
  • the remains of the Monastery of St. Salvatore a Maiella
  • Church of St. Antonio
  • Majella National Park

arrowEvents & Festivities

  • First Sunday in May: Feast of St. Domenico, with representation of an episode in the life of the Saint
  • Carnival: Representation of the "Carnival of brigands"
  • Easter Monday: Feast of Madonna della Libera (Our Lady of Liberation)
  • May 8: Procession of the "Verginelle", in memory of the end of a historic drought, where the help of Our Lady of Carpineto was prayed for.

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