Lanciano, Province of Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy

Province of Chieti, Abruzzo region This ancient town, a few km from the Adriatic and in the heart of the commercial south-eastern corner of Abruzzo, is rich in art, history and events for the visitors, and a special religious destination for its famous Eucharistic Miracle.
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Altitude: 265 m a.s.l -- Distance from Chieti: 45 km -- Population: about 36,000 inhabitants in 2011 -- Zip code: 66034 -- Phone Area Code: 0872 -- How to reach it: motorway: A-14 exit Lanciano


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A prehistoric village dating back to 7000 years ago has been recently discovered on the site. Later on it became the centre of the Frentani, a proud Italic population, under the name of Anxanum. The Romans made it a municipium for its key position on the road to Apulia. Situated along the Aracturus Magnus (the main transhumance route in Abruzzi) Lanciano grew in importance, until in the XVI century the Turkish threat and the loss of its former privileges in the Kingdom of Naples marked the beginning of its decadence.

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  • The ancient, majestic city walls (11th century) view
  • Church of Santa Maria Maggiore: among the most important churches in Abruzzo, it was built in the 12th century. The magnificient main facade (there's a second, older one on the left side) belongs to the 14th century and is enriched by a masterly cruxifixion by sculptor Francesco Petrini in the lunette and a sumptous rosewindow above the Romanesque-Gothic portal. Remarkable also the 14th-century bell-tower, standing out against the city profile from afar.
  • Church of Sant'Agostino (14th century), with a fine bell-tower and precious stuccoed interior
  • Church of San Nicola, with a chapel containing a fine cycle of 14th century fresco
  • Church of San Francesco, where the Eucharistic Miracle is preserved, near central Piazza Plebiscito, with the Townhall and 17th-century bell-tower, near the neoclassical Cathedral

arrowEvents & Festivities

  • Holy Week: on Friday, Procession on Christ's Death; on Sunday and Tuesday, representation of Christ's meeting with its Mother and with John the Gospel Writer
  • April: National Agriculture Fair
  • 31 August: St. Egidio's Fair
  • 1st weekend in September: Palio delle contrade and, on the following day, Sfilata del Mastrogiurato, a historical reenactment in costume
  • 8 September: "Il dono", procession of people in traditional rustic costumes bringing offerings to the Madonna del Ponte
  • 14-16 September: Feast of the Madonna del Ponte and horseraces

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  • Ufficio Anagrafe, Municipio di Lanciano, p. Italia - Tel: +39 0872 7071
  • Parrocchia Madonna Del Pozzo - 142, Villa Elce - +39 0872 716249
  • Parrocchia Maria Ss.Delle Grazie - V.Marcianese - Tel: +39 0872 43604
  • Parrocchia S.Agostino - V.Frentani - Tel: +39 0872 710819
  • Parrocchia S.Lucia - C.Roma - Tel: +39 0872 713163
  • Parrocchia S.Maria Degli Angeli - 7, V. Iconicella - Tel: +39 0872 710566
  • Parrocchia S.Onofrio - 38/A, Ctr.S.Onofrio - Tel: +39 0872 53186
  • Parrocchia S.Pietro - Vl.Cappuccini 70 - Tel: +39 0872 49390
  • Parrocchia Sacro Cuore - 3, V. Napoli - Tel: +39 0872 714748
  • Parrocchia San Donato - 90, V. Villa Martelli - Tel: +39 0872 41160
  • Parrocchia San Nicola - V.Garibaldi - Tel: +39 0872 711646
  • Parrocchia Sant'Antonio - Ufficio Parrocchiale V.S.Antonio - Tel: +39 0872 711203
  • Parrocchia Santa Maria Maggiore - V.Garibaldi - Tel: +39 0872 713170
  • Parrocchia Spirito Santo - (Zona Satellite) 30, V. Bellisario - Tel: +39 0872 44439