Fara Filiorum Petri, Province of Chieti, Abruzzo

This centre, situated along the left bank of the river Foro, is widely known for the "farchie" folk festival.

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  • Altitude: 227 m a.s.l
  • Distance from Chieti: 18 km
  • Population: ca. 1900 inhabitants in 2012
  • Postal code: 66010
  • Dialing Area Code: +39 0871
  • How to reach it: by motorway, A25, exit Chieti.

Administrative Division

The comune includes the following frazioni: Brecciarola, Campo lungo, Colle Anzolino, Colle Pidocchioso, Colle Pretoro, Colle San Donato, Colli, Crepacce, Fara Centro, Fraderna, Forma, Giardino, Madonna del Ponte, Mandrone, Pagnotto, Piane, San Giacomo, San Nicola, Sant'Antonio, Sant'Eufemia, Vicenne.


The village takes its strange name from two different sources: Fara comes from a Lombard word meaning borough, and this tells us that the origins of the establishment go back to the early Middle Ages; Filiorum Petri refers to the later (11th century) inclusion of the centre in the possessions of the Montecassino monastery.

What to see

  • The church of St. Salvatore, with a beautiful 14th century portal from another church, and a fine silver cross inside.

Events and Festivities

  • 16 January: Feast of St. Anthony the Abbot, with the traditional festival called "le farchie".

Where to stay

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