A Guide to the Abruzzo Region, Italy

The Abruzzo region, in the heart of Italy at the same latitude as Rome - which is only 100 km away - was historically linked to Southern Italy. Explore the over 300 municipalities, the territory, traditions and monuments of this rugged landscape inhabited by "strong and gentle" people.
Abruzzo region


logo abruzzo2000Online since 1997, the Abruzzo portal has the mission to:
  • provide insight into the culture, history, traditions, art, architecture of towns and villages in the Abruzzi region and to help the descendants of the Abruzzese who left their region for remote destinations all over the world to rediscover their roots.
  • help in genealogy research, connecting with relatives, planning visits to the ancestors' homestead.
  • honor the heritage of the Abruzzese shepherds, peasants, artists and craftsmen, saints and brigands, the master goldsmiths and artisans of woodcarving and wrought iron, the stone carvers, masons and architects that built the fortresses, monasteries, palaces and boroughs in harmony with the astounding, rugged landscape of the "strong and gentle" Abruzzo people.


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Heritage Ezine

Abruzzo Heritage Ezine Published since 2001 and at first devoted to provide articles on Abruzzo, its traditions, landscape and monuments, history and research, has enlarged to cover other fields of the Italian experience. Updates: Images from the Perdonanza of 2009

Abruzzo News Archive

An archive of over 5000 excerpts of news of interest for the Abruzzese in the world, from 1999 to 2005, with indexes by date and subject.


itineraries Suggested one-day visits in Abruzzo, through castles, churches, ancient boroughs and natural parks.

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GuestbookLeave your message, or read 12 years' postings in the archive. Archive of postings since 1998 on Abruzzoforum: Province of Chieti | Province of L'Aquila | Province of Pescara | Province of Teramo

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  • Davide's Story - The fight of Davide's parents from L'Aquila against Canavan disease.
  • Angelo Sciulli - nature photography as a life choice to defeat ALS.
  • Traditional Abruzzo songs with booklet of lyrics by Trio99, an Aquilan music group.
  • La missione di Celestino and more books by Angelo De Nicola on San Pietro Celestino and Abruzzo.
  • In Cammino - Ethno-photography & articles by Vincenzo Battista.
  • John Fante - Articles by P. Di Vincenzo on the Italian-American writer from Abruzzo.
  • Torricella - Community of torricellani in the world.
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