Son Dan in Pescara from Wednesday

il Centro
Cultura & Società
25 october 2001

Until Tuesday in London to promote his own books, in Italy a lecture cycle
di Paolo Di Vincenzo
Translation by Anna Battista

Dan Fante is in London these days to introduce to the public and critics two his latest works (not yet translated into Italian): novel "Spitting off tall buildings" and poem collection "A gin pissing raw meat dual carburator V8 son of a bitch from Los Angeles". Dan Fante, on the phone in his London hotel, just out of his plane from Los Angeles, was so kind to answer the questions of il Centro.

We cannot help but start from the tragedy of 11th September and what is going on in the U.S.A. How is the way of writing changing for an American author?
"I think there will be a change in the writers who will not be, from now on, very keen on writing humor works, though what will change most, in my opinion, is the book market. I think more serious books will be published, since the book market relies on the demand and today readers feel more like reading this kind of books".

What is life like for you now, as an American and a citizen of Los Angeles - one of the most sensitive targets after the attacks on New York and Washington - with the spread of bacteriological terrorism?
"There will be less and less personal freedom. At this moment, on Americans there are more controls, and personal rights will be reduced. But US media are always repeating news and emphasizing certain points which are frightening the public. This is only increasing our fear, more and more. But I am not afraid. When I told my friends in Los Angeles that I was about to leave, they were shocked: "o you really want to leave for Europe, aren't you afraid of getting on a plane, at this moment?" Here is what they are doing, they are going on with frightening the American public".

Mr Fante, do you allow me a short question on Cooper's biography of your father? Cooper says that on your baptism (when you were four years old) you accepted to enter the church only if you were allowed to wear your guns...
"Yes, that's true, I am a real cow boy! I remember that since when I was a little kid I was always playing as a cow boy, always by myself. I was the good and the bad one at the same time and I shot at myself. I was even better than Ero John Wayne (laughs)".

You are in London these days, then you are coming to Italy. What are your programs exactly?
"In London I am presenting the books that were published in the UK, then I have some press briefings. On Sunday night I will be flying to Turin, where I'll give lectures at the Holden School and the University. I will talk about creative writing. From the 31st I will be in Pescara where I'll give a lecture at the University of Languages then I'll spend two days in Torricella Peligna".

How do you feel about coming back to Abruzzo?
"To me it is always so beautiful, it's like going home, since Abruzzo represents my family".