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25 october 2001

Stephen Cooper speaks in "Full of Life"
by Paolo Di Vincenzo

"Full of Life" is the title of John Fante's biography edited by Stephen Cooper (Marcos y Marcos, 384 pages, 35,000 lire, Italian translation and editing by Francesca Giannetto and Ilaria Molineri). The book, published in the United States two years ago by North point press as "Full of life", is the result of long years of work for its author, who was welcomed and helped by Joyce Smart, Fante's wife and all the writer's family.

Cooper recently also edited a collection of stories (published by Marcos y Marcos) under the title of "La grande fame", stories that were discovered in the very neat archive of Ms Fante in the celebrated Y-shaped villa at Point Dume, Malibu, Los Angeles.

Fante died in 1983 (at the age of 74) but his fame keeps growing: the world is painfully getting aware of his greatness only after his death. Though in life he was appreciated as an author (see article Son Dan in Pescara from next Wednesday), a true appraisal of his literary importance, with the exception of a short moment in the 1940's, only came in the last few years.

Stephen Cooper is associated professor of English and Film at Long Beach California state university. He lives in Los Angeles, where he was born, is married and has two children.