Marcia's Travel Reportage

In the early 2000s Abruzzo World Club organized "Back to Abruzzo" tours for descendants of Abruzzese abroad. The reports published here were kindly supplied by the travellers, and their own exclusive copyright.

«I would like everyone of the Abruzzo Tours team to know that I will long have wonderful memories of the tour that I took in September 2001. All arrangements were so precise and complete from the minute I arrived in Rome Airport until I left 2 weeks later.

As someone traveling alone, I was comfortable and found every one from the team helpful. The research into my genealogy, with the excellent help of Piera was helpful, as she prepared me for the visit to the government building and laid the ground work for me ahead of time. The visit to relatives with Lamberto to translate was an experience I will long remember. All of the people of the team were there for us when needed and all we had to do was ask for something and the arrangements were made (food or souvenirs).

Thank you all, Pierangela, Lamberto, Elena and Francis for planning and setting up wonderful tours with so much information about the region. I have traveled to Italy 3 times before, with friends but not on an organized tour and this time I really saw so much more and had no worries about how to get anywhere or the language. Again thank you

Marcia Buzzelli, Lewiston, NY, USA »