Anna's Travel Reportage

In the early 2000s Abruzzo World Club organized "Back to Abruzzo" tours for descendants of Abruzzese abroad. The reports published here were kindly supplied by the travellers, and their own exclusive copyright.

«If you are looking for an opportunity to experience the cultural heritage of Abruzzi, you definitely want to travel with the Abruzzo World Club! Their attention to detail is exceptional. They have many outstanding services in the areas of genealogy, interpretive services as well as spectacular tours.

As a recent tourist, I can definitely say that I really enjoyed the opportunity of touring the region of Abruzzi. I had many wonderful experiences from meeting my relatives for the first time, visiting the homes of my grandparents as well as being in awe of the breathtaking scenery.

I know that if you take a tour with the Abruzzo World Club you will have a great experience because the tour directors are very knowledgeable, kind and they are willing to be of service to you. Touring the region of Abruzzi is one that has a rich culture, excellent food and warm people who will touch your heart forever.

Anna, (from New Jersey) »