Autumn 2006 - Year VI, No. 25


Images of Pescara in the 1950's-1960's - A collection of black and white photos donated by the descendants of Domenico F., author of article Memories of Pescara, who came back to his native town after the Second World War and found a metropolis - as represented in the postcards.


Surnames in Guardiagrele appearing in the deeds of Notary Ilario Farina 1722-1772. The deeds concern also inhabitants of places around Guardiagrele, mostly: Pennapiedimonte, Villamagna, San Martino sulla Marrucina, Palombaro and other random deeds.


Beato Nunzio Sulprizio, a young lay worker, is considered the protector of invalids and victims of work accidents. Born in Pescosansonesco, Pescara, on 13 april 1817 - died Naples 5 may 1836. The short life of the young blacksmith was marked by a series of tragic losses (his father, then his mother) and a painful disease in a leg. In Pescosansonesco there is a sanctuary, one of the most famous and popular in the Pescara Valley, and behind the altar there is still the spring used by young Nunzio to wash his wound. That water is believed to be miraculous.