Winter 2006 - Year VI, No. 24

Family History

Memories of Pescara - The story of a family in the early 20th century, poverty and hardship, emigration and living in the States, closely intertwined with the prospects and development of Pescara, and the return, 50 years later.


Memories of Easter in Italy - Two moving contributions, memories from Easter in Italy, in times that seem so far away now, when the festivity was made of age-old traditions, poorer maybe, simpler, but so rich and intense for the soul.


The Year of the Plague 1657 - In Pescocostanzo the plague arrived much later than in other places, and in a couple of months disappeared, taking away whole families. Those making a will often were the last of their family alive, and appointed cousins, uncles or churches as heirs.


Gessopalena, indexes of Notary Claudio Paglione from 1580 to 1609, an evaluation of the resource and surnames appearing from Gesso and other places.


The "crolle" (wheel) of St. Catherine of Alexandria - Santa Caterina d'Alessandria in Barisciano. The tradition in the village of Barisciano of the crolla (a kitchen tool) similar to the "wheel" of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria and a historical background of the saint's worship.