Summer 2005 - Year V, No. 23


An evaluation of the dowry assignment and its value in genealogy research, with explanation of the terms used and genealogical value of the beni parafernali.


A seminal exhibition, the beginning of a wider project, on the Italian emigration.


An evaluation of different money denominations in past centuries, with special reference to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.


Some among the most famous Abruzzese songs in the dialect version and English translation: Lu Sand'Andonie, Vola vola vola, J'Abruzzu, La fija mè, Tutte li Fundanelle


La Partenze is the traditional serenade on the eve of a wedding as a passage rite for the bride, full of social and cultural meanings. An article by Fedele Romani, different dialect versions of "La Partenze", with English translation, from Arsita, Collecorvino, Colledara, Crognaleto, Bisenti.