Speranza de rivieni (Gli emigrante)

Our young friend from Bugnara, Giuseppe Ciamei, 10 years old, wrote a new poem in the dialect of Bugnara, taking inspiration from the emotions he saw in his relatives coming back from Canada and USA for the holidays. Contributed by his aunt Diana Frunzi Reimer.

Speranza de rivieni (Gli emigrante)

Na sere mentre caleve lu sole
nu pensiere me saglieve da lu core alla mente,
de revenì a Bugnara lu paese mè:
a revede' tutte chele che nu tiempe
haie avute lassa';
a resenti' a le recchie lu sone
de le campane alla Madonna de la Neve;
o lu forte profume de gli pigni,
che caleva da la muntagne
nche lu fresche venticialle de la matine.
Mo', grazie a Die haie revenute!
Che 'mozione, Bugnara è sempre lu stesse
Come l'haie lascete, te fa sunna'.
E come nu 'suonne nu aereo
m' reporte luntane.
Ma na speranza ce sta dentre
a lu core mè de reveni' nu giorne
the original poem
The original handwritten poem

[English translation]

Hope of returning (The emigrants)

One evening as the sun was coming down
A thought was rising from my heart to the mind,
to return to Bugnara, my home village:
to see again all that once
I had to leave;
to hear again in my ears the sound
of the bells of Our Lady of the Snow;
or the strong perfume of the pinewoods,
coming down of the mountain
with the cool morning breeze.
Now, thanks God I am back!
What emotion, Bugnara is always the same
As when I left, it makes you dream.
And like a dream a plane
Takes me back faraway.
But a hope is inside my heart
To return one day.