Summer 2002 - Year III, No. 17

Art and Architecture

The cathedral of San Berardo in Teramo, one of the most composite monuments in Italy, with its two facades and magnificent belltower.


cover The Second Freedom Trail - on the footsteps of the partisans who in 1943 helped thousands of fugitives from German camps to safety.


Abruzzo Ulteriore II (presently Province of L'Aquila) in the early 20th century, the conditions that caused massive emigration.


cover The feast of Madonna dei Miracoli in Casalbordino, possibly connected to the ancient peasant cults to goddess Diana, as shows the presence of hail, a weather phenomenon greatly feared by farmers, and of the oaktree.


The Pizza Rustica Teramana, typical of Basciano, with that mixture of sweet and salty, a feature of the ancient Italian cuisine, and the Sponzelle, based on almonds and sugar, traditional cakes prepared for wedding receptions in Lucoli.


cover The Aquilan pardon, established in 1294 by Pope Celestinus 5th (hermit Pietro from Morrone), an event that has been going on for over 700 hundred years now, with images from the last three edition courtesy of nature photographer Valter Carapellese, untimely deceased in 2011.