April 2002 - Year III, No. 16

Art and Architecture

The article features two ancient Roman towns, Amiternum, near L'Aquila and along the Via Salaria, and Corfinium, a populous city once also capital of the Italic Confederations that opposed the Romans.


Abruzzo Ulteriore I (Province of Teramo) as it appeared to the eyes of Enrico Abbate, a scholar and keen traveller in Abruzzo, in the early 20th century, with an appreciation of the landscape and the economy.


cover The roast pig is a classical preparation of all feasts and all typical banquets of Abruzzo, a dish the most varied tastes are alternated, joined together and melted. In all market squares and "sagre" the porchetta is never missing.


cover The Cicoriella, a dish typical of spring made with the bitter vegetable leaves patiently picked in the fields, is traditionally prepared in honor of Christ's mother Mary, the second Sunday after Easter.


cover Since time immemorial numerous caves in Abruzzo and Molise were used as places of worship, then became churches or small sanctuaries dedicated to Saint Michael Archangel, more commonly known as Sant'Angelo.