Chicken "Franceschiello" style and Almond sugar crisps

From Nice Cortelli Lucrezi, "Le Ricette della Nonna - L'Arte del Mangiar Bene in Abruzzo", first edition L'Aquila 1966; out of print, reproduced by courtesy of Mrs Cortelli's son, Dr Alfonso Lucrezi - all rights reserved.

Almond sugar crisps

Ingredients for 6-8 persons
  • 100 gr shelled almonds
  • 100 gr sugar.

Dip the almonds in boiling water, then skin, dry and put them into the oven at 100 degrees centigrade, moving and turning them with a spoon without making them take color. Put the sugar in a small pan with a spoon or two of water so as to make the sugar moist, then put the pan on the fire and when the sugar begins to melt, add the almonds and start mixing with a wood spoon.

When the sugar starts to become solid many whitish grain-like particles veiling the almonds, pour everything on the table, separate the almonds, leave them to dry and cool.

Chicken "Franceschiello" style

Ingredients for 4 persons
  • a chicken of about 1200 g
  • olive oil, pepper, salt
  • an ear of minced garlic with rosemary
  • green olives, sottaceti
  • dry white wine.

Clean, empty and pass the chicken in the fire; cut it to pieces, wash them and dry. Fry the garlic and rosemary in a pan with some tablespoons of oil, add the chicken pieces, let them fry and add salt and pepper, then let them cook spraying every now and then with the wine. A half hour before serving add the olives and sottaceti.

This speciality from Civitella del Tronto is dedicated to the last king of Two Sicilies, Francesco II, who used to go hunting there from time to time.