Rice Timballo with Mushrooms - Timballo di Riso con Funghi

Our proposal this month is a "Timballo di Riso con Funghi".
The recipe is taken from Nice Cortelli Lucrezi's "Le Ricette della Nonna - L'Arte del Mangiar Bene in Abruzzo", first published 1966, out of print - reproduced by courtesy of Ms Cortelli's son, Dr Alfonso Lucrezi - all rights reserved.

Ingredients - 4 persons

  • Rice 500 gr
  • mushrooms 500 gr
  • tomatoes 500 gr
  • two eggs
  • oil, onion, parlsey, celery, salt, pepper


Carefully clean the fresh mushrooms, wash them and chop into small pieces. Prepare a "soffritto" (fried mixture) with garlic, parlsey, celery, chopped onion and oil. When the mixture is "appassito" (soft) add the mushrooms and let cook. Sieve the tomatoes and add them when the mushrooms are almost cooked, then let the sauce on the fire to boil gently. Meanwhile boil the rice in salted water and drain when not yet completely cooked. Mix two eggs and add to the rice. Take an oven container, oil it and place layers of rice and mushrooms. Sprinkle the top with bread crumbles and bake for 20 minutes.