Trout recipes

Trout with Tomato sauce

Prepare a sauce with oil, parlsey, garlic, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Boil and let to thicken a little, and meanwhile clean and wash the trout. Then place the trouts gently into the sauce, in one layer, add salt and let cook on slow fire. Serve sprinkled with minced parlsey.

Baked Trout from the Sangro river

Clean, wash and drain the trout (one per person). Place them in one layer over an oiled oven pan. Cover with bread crumbles, minced parlsey, capers, salt, pepper, and season with abundant oil. Bake for about half an hour, according to the size of the trout.

Fried Trout from the Tirino river

Trout from the clear waters of the Tirino river (near Capestrano) are especially tasty if fried. You should choose small fish, clean, wash and drain, then roll in flour and fry in abundant hot oil. Serve with lemon slices and parlsey.

Barbecued Trout

Clean, wash and drain the trout, then fill inside with garlic and parlsey. Barbecue on gentle fire. Then season with olive oil, and serve with lemon slices.