The horrors of the French invasion in Abruzzo

(from the Liber Baptizatorum, Spoppletum)
A parish priest's diary of the tragical events of the French invasion of 1799 - 1811. The page was hidden between two records of birth, as if the poor priest believed a Baptizatorum Liber in Latin would never attract the interest of the French.
«In the said year 1807 there was such a cruel massacre of people by the French, with no respect of dignity, degree, nobility, old age, that in the city of Aquila, though it was small thing in comparison to other provinces of the Kingdom, every day there were double executions, whether by shooting, or hanging or slain, and such killing was established mostly out of suspicion that they were faithful totheir lawful sovereign Ferdinand IV.

Those who could not be found guilty of anything by the barbarous military commissions, were put in prison, and two or three times a week the french took out fifty, one hundred, and more of those unfortunate, chained by the neck, under pretense they were being led to Chieti, Pescara, Naples, and as soon as they had walked some hours, they were beheaded. There was no road in our kingdom without human bodies, heads, limbs left as food to wolves, crows and dogs.»