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Logo Ezine The Heritage Ezine offers insight about many aspects of the heritage of Italy. New articles are added periodically. Published since the year 2000, the Ezine addressed a multi-faceted milieu of traditions, points of interest, history and genealogy research, as well as including original contributions by various authors.

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John Fante and Dan Fante

John Fante
Biography, works, articles and reviews about writer John Fante, whose father moved from Torricella Peligna to Colorado, and about his son Dan Fante. The section originated from a joint project of heritage Ezine and journalist Paolo Di Vincenzo in the early 2000s and saw also a conference in Pescara with the late Dan Fante.

Guida d'Abruzzo

From Enrico Abbate's seminal book "Guida d'Abruzzo", Rome 1903, a translation into English of some chapters was made in the years 1998-1999 by the Abruzzo World Club team and English text editing by Peter A. Ianni. All rights of the English translation belong to the translators and Mr Ianni.

Abruzzo nel Tempo

Written by Walfrido del Villano - Zopito di Tillio, find below English synopsis of the first four chapters: Chapter I | Chapter II | Chapter III | Chapter IV | Table of Contents