Learn Italian with Videos

Learning a language is also a matter of quantity of input and full immersion in the culture and usage of the target language. The videos featured in this section are in Italian with parallel English translations and can offer insights into the landscapes, traditions, history of Italy, while helping learners to improve understanding of the Italian language in a meaningful, interesting context.
The videos are subdivided into categories mainly according to the subject, so that the Italian context will offer a wide-ranging assortment of specific language.

Video Categories

Recent Additions
Roberto Burioni on Coronavirus
CoVID-19 vs. influenza
Dr Burioni on analogies and differences between CoVID-19 and the influenza virus [12 min].
A small town on the island of Capri surrounded by garden terraces [14 min].
Monsignor Stagliano, Mengoni, Noemi
Staglianò: Restate Umani
The bishop of Noto addresses his young audience with the lyrics of pop singers.
Stereotypes of Italians
Large families, great food, latin lovers, hand gestures... [12 min]
The history of Vespa, an Italian icon
Vespa, an Italian icon
Patented in 1946 by Corradino D'Ascanio, the Vespa has become an icon of Italian life.
The Shroud of Turin
The history and latest discoveries on the most mysterious Christian relic. [48 min]
Selfies in art history
Used by artists of all ages, self-portraits have had a long history. [11 min].
A guided tour of the town founded by legendary Diomedes 3,000 years ago [4 min].