Learn Italian with recipes

Learn a language within a context, with a full immersion in the cuisine culture of the other language, in this case the typical products and culinary traditions of Italy, popular and appreciated the world over. You will listen to the instructions of chefs, learn lots of new words, and why not, also how to prepare typical dishes and healthy recipes of the Mediterranean tradition in these video-recipes with Italian / English parallel texts.
Recent Additions
Sportina di Pasqua
Sportina di Pasqua
From immemorial time, an Easter recipe from Etruscan Tuscany.
Pasta e Patate
A traditional dish of the past, a tasty recipe made with "poor" ingredients.
Typical of the fall season, a cake based on chestnuts, walnuts and other healthy ingredients.
Trofie with walnut sauce
A Ligurian pasta format, seasoned with a walnut-based pesto.
Sfogliata Margherita
A variation of pizza, based on puff pastry, with mozzarella, tomato and basil.
Cotolette di Melanzane
The Sicilian queen of vegetables for a supertasty second course or appetizer.
Cannoli siciliani
Heavenly pastry preparation, a historical recipe with wafers, ricotta and candied fruit.
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