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Learning a language is also a matter of quantity input and full immersion in the culture and usage of the other language. Original videos and movies are therefore a great help in providing this input, in a pleasant way. And repetition - seeing again, replaying the video - is another key aspect in learning.

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La Ricotta - Pier Paolo Pasolini
La Ricotta
A sketch from Pasolini's "Curd Cheese", with Orson Welles playing the role of a Marxist, bossy director in a "movie within the movie" routine...
Omaggio a Roma
Omaggio a Roma
A 20-min long feature film, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, with Andrea Bocelli and Monica Bellucci...
Preferisco il Paradiso
A 2010 TV movie on St. Filippo Neri's street kids, starring Gigi Proietti [10 min].
Pane, amore e fantasia
A classic Italian comedy, starring Vittorio De Sica and Gina Lollobrigida [4 min].
Pane carasau
The shepherd's bread, which was to last several months [10 min].
Un'estate al mare
The 7th episode of a popular comedy, full of gags and funny moments. [10 min]
Matrimonio all'Italiana
Marriage Italian style, starring Sofia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni [7 min].
Lettera a una professoressa
Don Milani's fight with the class-biased school system and methods of the 1960's [6 min].