L'Anno Nuovo - by Gianni Rodari

L'Anno Nuovo Gianni Rodari (1920 - 1980) was a writer of literature for children and teenagers, as well as educator.

A large part of his works are dedicated to childhood and the relationship between parents and children. His stories and nursery rhymes are famous, appreciated and translated into almost every language in the world, and many of his poems are still taught to children in kindergartens.

The video is an interpretation in music by Joe Natta of the poem. In case it does not appear properly, see it on YouTube directly.
"Indovinami, indovino,
tu che leggi nel destino:
l'anno nuovo come sarà?
Bello, brutto o metà e metà?"
Guess for me, You fortune-teller,
you who read in destiny:
what will the new year be like?
Good, bad or half and half?
"Trovo stampato nei miei libroni
che avrà di certo quattro stagioni,
dodici mesi, ciascuno al suo posto,
un Carnevale e un Ferragosto,
I find printed in my big books
that it will sure have four seasons,
twelve months each in its place,
a Carnival and a Mid-August,
e il giorno dopo il lunedì
sarà sempre un martedì.
and the day after Monday
will always be a Tuesday.
Di più per ora scritto non trovo
nel destino dell'anno nuovo:
per il resto anche quest'anno
sarà come gli uomini lo faranno.
More for now I cannot find written
in the destiny of the new year:
for the rest this year too
will be as men will make it.