Italian idioms explained

Idioms The idiomatic structures of a language, whether phrases, proverbs, aphorisms or quotations, enriches and gives colour to communication. The language is an instrument capable of endless variations and wonders. We have some features, more than most animals: opposable thumbs, the consciousness of our mortality, language, but certainly some qualities belong to humans only: music, art, poetry.
Alphabetical Index of Common Italian Idioms
Idioms are essential means of communication and knowledge, and are part of the linguistic and cultural heritage that cannot and must not be forgotten. Some expressions are typical of ahe specific culture, and similarly to history books allow to have a vision of social identity and uniqueness. The redundancy of linguistic expressions is like using spices in the kitchen, to make a dish better. The Old and New Testament, literature, popular tradition contain words and expressions right for every event of life, able to add poetry and expression to a language.

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