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Learning a language is also a matter of quantity of input and full immersion in the culture and usage of the target language. These documentaries in Italian with parallel English translation offer insights into the landscapes, traditions, history of Italy, to help you improve your understanding of the Italian language in a meaningful, interesting context.

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Italy seen from the sky

For a full immersion in the Italian landscape, history and language, try our parallel Italian / English texts accompanying the videos of the TV series "Italy seen from the sky", documentaries directed by Folco Quilici, sponsored by Esso Italia in the 1960's and 70's.

Recent Additions

Bikini e tamurè
Bikini e tamurè
It was the summer of 1963 when a skinny Tony Renis introduced a Tahitian dance on beach dance floors [3 min].
A girl from Palermo arrives in Milan
A Sicilian in Milan
A girl from Palermo in Milan, her experiences with the underground trains, the traffic, the language [12 min].
Anna Magnani
Anna Magnani
Winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1956, and among the greatest performers in cinema history [6 min]
Villa of Livia
Villa of Livia
Just outside Rome, an augustan countryside residence [3 min]
The history of Vespa, an Italian icon
Vespa, an Italian icon
Patented on April 23, 1946, on a project of Corradino D'Ascanio, the Vespa has become an icon of Italian life.

Was William Shakespeare Italian?
A documentary in 4 parts in Italian with English parallel text about the fascinating "Guglielma Crollalanza" theory.
Smart Food Diet
Smart Food Diet
30 foods to enhance the quality of life and allow human beings to enjoy a healthy longevity... [10 min]
A prova di uomo - tampax ad
A prova di uomo
The latest Tampax ad has intruduced a new idiom into the Italian language, "a prova di uomo" (man-proof)... [2 min]
Monsignor Stagliano, Mengoni, Noemi
Mons. Staglianò, Restate Umani
The bishop of Noto addresses his young audience with words from the lyrics of pop singers... [5 min]
An old man's fairy tales
Gigi Proietti in a masterly character: an old man telling fairy tales in Romanesco dialect [9 min]
A castle and its ghosts: a 5-year-old playing at night, his mother's laments... [9 min]
Stereotypes of Italians
Large families, great food, latin lovers, hand gestures... [12 min]
Francesco Borromini
A short tour of architect Borromini's 17th-century art in Rome. [9 min]
A small town on the island of Capri surrounded by garden terraces [14 min].
The Shroud of Turin
The history and latest discoveries on the most mysterious Christian relic held in Turin... [48 min]
With 3,000 years history, the Etruscan town has a wealth of unique works of art [29 min].
Villa of Livia
Villa of Livia
Just outside Rome, an augustan countryside residence [3 min]
A harbour town on the Thyrrhenian, rich in history, art, natural beauty [25 min]
Selfies in art history
Used by artists of all ages, self-portraits have had a long history [11 min].
Templum Pacis
Excavations are bringing to light Vespasian's monument [6 min].
A guided tour of the town founded by legendary Diomedes 3,000 years ago [4 min].