Let's Learn Italian!

Learning any foreign language requires effort and time; actually, all learning includes an amount of input, and the more input you get, the easier and faster you will learn. Nowadays there are many resources and strategies that can greatly help language learning. In this section you'll fing a growing collection of videos and texts especially aimed at Italian learning for English speakers. Here you can browse through several resources to improve your Italian-language skills.
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Video Recipes

Learn Italian while cooking through Video recipes, with transcription of the Italian text and English parallel translation.

Documentaries & movies

Videos of TV programs and documentaries or also Excerpts and trailers from Italian movies in the original version, with parallel Italian / English text.

Italian Literature

A section on Italian Literature, with parallel Italian / English text of famous literary pieces.
Ignazio Silone: Fontamara | Gabriele d'Annunzio: La Pioggia nel Pineto | Luigi Pirandello: La Patente | Cuore - by Edmondo de Amicis | Addio, monti sorgenti dall'acque, from I Promessi Sposi

Italian Course

Italian CourseTake a very elementary Italian course online, new lessons and exercises are added periodically.

Italian Songs

A section on Italian songs, with texts, translations and YouTube clips. Songs are great fun, and music can be a formidable tool for learning a foreign language: the lyrics offer huge wealth of words and expressions. Hearing and/or singing along songs will improve your language skills effortlessly, and with fun. Repetition is one of the pillars of memory, and pleasurable activities help to avoid boredom. The results can be truly amazing!

Italy seen from the sky

For a full immersion in the Italian landscape, history and language, try our parallel Italian / English texts accompanying the videos of the TV series "Italy seen from the sky", documentaries directed by Folco Quilici, sponsored by Esso Italia in the 1960's and 70's.

Watch Italian films

See movies you know well in the Italian version. There are surely movies you like and have seen many times, you could see them again on DVD choosing Italian language and English subtitles. To find these movies online, you might search for the Italian title, to be sure you get a DVD with an Italian version - English subtitles are usually available on most DVDs. Or if you are buying from a store, find on the back of the cover the information on the languages available.

Watching movies in their original version is a nice and effective way to learn Italian, and beginners could start with subtitles in their own language, then as a second step see the movie again with subtitles in Italian. When getting an Italian movie on DVD, pay attention to the Pal/Non-US Format, since the DVD might not play on your equipment. Find some suggestions here.

Learn exploiting dead times

You can listen to recordings transferred to an MP3 player, iPod, or other device while driving, travelling, cooking, tidying up the house, doing physical exercise. Without making any changes to your habits, you'll have lots of hours each year of "passive learning" (that does not require any planned, intentional study).

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Recent Additions

Sportina di Pasqua
Sportina di Pasqua
From immemorial time, an Easter recipe from Etruscan Tuscany.
Bikini e tamurè
Bikini e tamurè
It was the summer of 1963 when a skinny Tony Renis introduced a Tahitian dance on beach dance floors [3 min].
A girl from Palermo arrives in Milan
A Sicilian in Milan
A girl from Palermo in Milan, her experiences with the underground trains, the traffic, the language [12 min].
Cannoli siciliani
Heavenly pastry preparation, a historical recipe with wafers, ricotta and candied fruit.
Umberto Eco
"Come va?"
Umberto Eco imagines the answers that some famous figures might give to "Come va?"...
Omaggio a Roma
Omaggio a Roma
A 20-min long feature film, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, with Andrea Bocelli and Monica Bellucci...
Anna Magnani
Anna Magnani
Winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1956, and among the greatest performers in cinema history [6 min]
The history of Vespa, an Italian icon
Vespa, an Italian icon
Patented on April 23, 1946, on a project of Corradino D'Ascanio, the Vespa has become an icon of Italian life.

Was the Bard Italian?
A documentary in 4 parts in Italian with parallel English about the "Guglielmo Crollalanza" theory.
Pasta e Patate
A traditional dish of the past, a tasty recipe made with "poor" ingredients.
Pane, amore e fantasia
A classic Italian comedy, starring Vittorio De Sica and Gina Lollobrigida [4 min].