Tutte le mamme, Gino Latilla

Everyone that was young in the 1950's still remembers the song brought to success in 1954 by Gino Latilla (Bari, November 7, 1926 - Florence 2011).

"Son tutte belle le mamme del mondo", sung in tandem with Giorgio Consolini, left its mark on the fifties. Italy was still tied to the family ideal and in the collective imagination women still viewed themselves primarily as mothers.

Latilla embodied the feminine ideal of a family man, with values firmly linked to the pre-war Italian tradition. He was adored by women, to the point that, when in love with Nilla Pizzi he was rejected and attempted suicide, he received from his fans cotton waddings soaked with tears.

Donne! Donne! Donne! Che l'amore trasformerà.
Mamme! Mamme! Mamme! Questo è il dono che Dio vi fa.
Tra batuffoli e fasce mille sogni nel cuor.
Per un bimbo che nasce quante gioie e dolor.
Women! Women! Women! Whom love will change.
Mothers! Mothers! Mothers! This is God's gift for you.
Among cotton swabs and bandages a thousand dreams in the heart.
For each baby that was born how many joys and sorrows.
Mamme! Mamme! Mamme! Quante pene l'amor vi da.
Ieri, oggi, sempre, per voi mamme non c'è pietà.
Ogni vostro bambino, quando un uomo sarà,
verso il proprio destino, senza voi se ne andrà!
Mothers! Mothers! Mothers! How many pains love gives you.
Yesterday, today, always, for you mothers there's no mercy.
Each child of yours, once grown up,
towards his destiny, without you will go!
Son tutte belle le mamme del mondo
quando un bambino si stringono al cuor.
Son le bellezze di un bene profondo
fatto di sogni, rinunce ed amor.
All the mothers of the world are beautiful
when a baby they keep close to their heart.
This are the beauties of a deep affection
made of dreams, sacrifice and love.
È tanto bello quel volto di donna
che veglia un bimbo e riposo non ha;
sembra l'immagine della Madonna,
sembra l'immagine della bontà.
So beautiful is the face of that woman
who's watching a sleeping baby and has no rest;
It looks like the image of Our Lady,
It looks like the image of goodness.
E gli anni passano,
i bimbi crescono,
le mamme imbiancano;
ma mai sfiorirà la loro beltà!
And the years go by,
the children grow up,
mothers get whiter,
but their beauty will never fade!
Son tutte belle le mamme del mondo
ma sopra tutte, più bella tu sei;
tu, che m'hai dato il tuo bene profondo
e sei la Mamma dei bimbi miei.
All the mothers of the world are beautiful
but, above all, the most beautiful you are;
you, who gave me your deep affection
and who are the Mother of my children.