Stelutis Alpinis

The song is traditionally performed during the Mass of the Alpine troops.
"Stelutis alpinis" was written and composed by Arturo Zardini (1869-1923) during the First World War, when the author, a schoolmaster of Pontebba, on the border between Italy and Austria, was living as a refugee in Florence. At the news of the massacres at the front, Zardini drew inspiration for the text and music.

From the beginning it was chosen by the Friulian Alpine corps and also of other regions, as a symbol of the Alpine troops, but also by all the people of Friuli, a land that after World War One experienced emigration, deportation, another war and more violence. There is an extensive use of diminutives, common in written and spoken dialects of Friuli.

Se tu vens cà sù ta' cretis
là che lôr mi àn soterât,
al è un splàz plen di stelutis;
dal miò sanc l'è stât bagnât...
If you come here among the rocks
where they buried me,
there's a meadow covered of edelweiss;
with my blood it was bathed.
Par segnâl, une crosute
jè scolpide lì tal cret;
fra che' stelis 'nàs l'erbute,
sot di lor jo dùar cujet.
fra che' stelis 'nàs l'erbute,
sot di lor jo dùar cujet.
As a signal a small cross
is encarved there in the rock.
Among the edelweiss small grass grows,
and me, below, rest in peace.
Ciol, su ciol, une stelute
che ricuardi il nestri ben:
tu 'i darâs 'ne bussadute
e po' plàsile in tal sen.
pick, come on, pick an edelweiss
to remind you of our love:
you will give it a warm kiss
then hide it in your breast.
Quant' che a ciase tu sês sole
e di cûr tu preis par me,
il miò spirt ator ti svole:
jo e la stele 'o sin cun te.
il miò spirt ator ti svole:
jo e la stele 'o sin cun te.
When you are alone at home,
and in your heart you pray for me,
my spirit will be floating around you
the edelweiss and I will be with you.
Ma 'ne dì quant che la vuere
a' sara un lontan ricùard
tal to cûr, dulà ch'al jere
stele e amôr, dut sara muart.
But when the war
is a faraway memory
in your heart, where there were
edelweiss and love, all will be gone
Restarà par me che stele
che 'l miò sanc a là nudrit
par che lusi simpri biele
su l'Italie a l'infinit.
That edelweiss will stay for me
fed by my blood
so that it shines, forever beutiful
above Italy forever