Friuli - Venezia Giulia regional songs

Friuli provinces Friuli folk music is related to that of the Veneto region, has similarities with the mountain folk music of the whole Northern Italy and also includes Slavic influences.
Some among the oldest songs are lullabies, and music very simple, usually with two voices, while chorus music has 3-4 voices. Friulan is recognized as a "language" by Italian law, so is not to be considered a dialect, online there are a number of dictionaries and automatic translators Italian / furlan.

As regards folk dances there is the "furlana", a dance of courtship recorded already in 1578 in "Primo libro di balli" by G. Mainerio; the furlana was danced by one or more couples in a circle, dancers with their hands clasped above their heads, accompanied by the music of violins. The dance (see the video below) inspired composers as Ravel, Bach, Couperin and Rameau.

List of Songs