Gianni Morandi

Gianni Morandi was born in Monghidoro, Province of Bologna, on 11 December 1944. He began his career as a singer and achieved a great success in the 1960's and 70's, then he also worked as a lyrics writer, actor and producer.
In the 1970's he underwent a professional and personal crisis. As a singer, he was accused of being too commercial, and meanwhile his marriage to Laura Efrikian, whith whom he had three children - Serena (who died soon after birth), Marianna and Marco - was drawing to an end.

Gianni MorandiAfter some years he returned to singing, and reached again an enormous popularity which has never faded. The Italian public liked his seriousness and the motivation and musical growth of the "new" Morandi; he also co-founded the Nazionale Italiana Cantanti, a soccer team engaged in philanthropic activities, and in recent years presented the Sanremo festival, with great success.

Why do Italians love his so much? Maybe because he never acted as a star, always kept the common touch, and a great heart.

Some famous songs

Some famous songs

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