Tanto pe' canta'

Music was by Ettore Petrolini (Roma, 13 january 1884 – 29 June 1936) and lyrics by Natale Alberto Simeoni.
The song was first recorded by Petrolini in 1932 and immediately became the symbol of that non-chalant attitude of the Roman character.

Tanto pe cantaThe song achieved a remarkable popularity due to the interpretation of actors and singers in later periods, culminating with the interpretation of Nino Manfredi, who turned it almost into a theatrical "act", merely changing the word "rincojoniva" with "rintontoniva" ("otherwise abroad they would not understand," he said jokingly in an interview).

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È una canzona senza titolo
tanto per canta' pe' fa' qualche cosa.
Nun è niente de straordinario
è roba der paese nostro
che se po' canta' pure senza voce.
It is a song with no title
just to sing, to do something.
It's nothing extraordinary
stuff of our countryside
that you can sing also voiceless.
Basta 'a salute
quanno c'è 'a salute c'è tutto.
Basta 'a salute e un par de scarpe nove
poi gira' tutto er monno
e m'accompagno da me...
Just health is important
when there is health there is everything.
Just health and a pair of new shoes
and you can travel all the world
and I play the accompaniment by myself...
Pe' fa' la vita meno amara
me so' comprato 'sta chitara
e quanno er sole scenne e more
me sento un core cantatore
To make life less bitter
I bought myself this guitar
and when the sun goes down and dies
my heart feels like singing
la voce è poca ma intonata
nun serve a fa' na serenata
ma solamente a fa' 'n maniera
de famme un sogno a prima sera
the voice is little but in tune
it's not needed for a serenade
but only to do ao that
I can a dream in the early evening
Tanto pe' canta'
perche' me sento un friccico ner core
tanto pe' sogna'
perche' ner petto me ce naschi un fiore
Just to sing
'cause I feel a burning in my heart
just to dream
so that in my heart a flower is born
fiore de lillà
che ma riporti verso er primo amore
che sospirava a le canzone mie
e me rintontoniva de bucie
flower of lilac
that takes me back to my first love
who was sighing at to my song
and playd fun of me with her lies
Canzone belle e appassionate
che Roma mia m'ha ricordate
cantate solo pe' dispetto
ma co' na smania drento ar petto
beautiful and passionate songs
that my Rome made me remember
sung only for despite
but with a movement inside my chest
io non ve canto a voce piena
ma tutta l'anima è serena
e quanno er cielo se scolora
de me nessuna s'ennamora...
I don't sing you in full voice
but the whole soul is calm
and when the sky fades away
no one falls in love with me...