Love in Portofino, Fred Buscaglione

This song, inspired by the style of Louis Armstrong, became an all-time summer classic. It was composed in Liguria, though not actually in Portofino, but at Paraggi near Santa Margherita, together, by Buscaglione and his friend Leo Chiosso, almost by accident.

Love in Portofino, Fred BuscaglioneLove in Portofino turned out to be an incredible success, a song on an international level. The album sold 160,000 copies, and was performed, among others, by Johnny Dorelli, Dalida and Paul Anka.

In the early months of 2013 tenor Andrea Bocelli released his first film, exactly with the title Love in Portofino, devoted to the most beautiful love songs of all time, a sort of exclusive piano bar, with an audience including Michael Caine, Ornella Muti, Paul Anka, and on the stage a parade of stars, as David Foster, Caroline Campbell, Sandy and Helene Fischer.

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I found my love in Portofino
perché nei sogni credo ancor
lo strano gioco del destino,
a Portofino, m'ha preso il cuor
I found my love in Portofino
because I still believe in dreams
the strange twist of destiny,
in Portofino, took my heart
Nel dolce incanto del mattino,
il mare t'ha portato a me
Socchiudo gli occhi e a me vicino
a Portofino, rivedo te.
In the sweet charm of the morning,
the sea brought you to me
I close my eyes and next to me
in Portofino, I see you.
Ricordo un angolo di cielo
dove ti stavo ad aspettar
ricordo il volto tanto amato
e la tua bocca da baciar
I remember a corner of the sky
where I uset to wait for you
I remember your so beloved face
and your mouth to kiss
I found my love in Portofino
quei baci più non scorderò
non è più triste il mio cammino
a Portofino, I found my love
I found my love in Portofino
those kisses I won't forget any more
my pathway is no longer sad
in Portofino, I found my love
I found my love in Portofino,
down in that small Italian bay,
and everything was so divino,
In Portofino, I found my way
The sun was shining that mattino
And so my words were just a few
I close my eyes and so vicino,
in Portofino, I still see you
There was a place made just for lovers
the sky and sea and friendly bar
tables and chairs and lazy waiters
a curly boy playing guitar
And when it's night in Portofino
The stars are twinkling up above
I close my eyes and so vicino,
in Portofino, I found my love