Surnames in Veneto, Italy

Veneto region The lists of surnames were derived from the white pages of the 1990's for the recent lists, and from sources as indexes of births, "numerazioni", catasti onciari, parish records for previous centuries.

Surnames in the Provinces of Veneto

Most Common Surnames

  • over 12,000: Rossi
  • between 6000 and 9000: Boscolo, Carraro, Ferrari, Pavan, Sartori, Trevisan, Vianello
  • between 4300 and 5999: Basso, Bernardi, Costa, Fabris, Favaro, Furlan, Martini, Moro, Visentin, Zanella, Zanetti, Zanon


Typical Surnames

The dialect spoken in this region is called "Venetian" and is actually a separate Romance language, with many local dialects; it is used in other areas as bordering regions Trentino and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the province of Latina, where refugees from Istria and Dalmatia were relocated after the First World War, in areas of Istria, Dalmatia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, as well as in immigrant communities of Brazil (especially in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and Espírito Santo), Argentina and Mexico.

Typical surnames from this region show their linguistic Venetian origin, with a consonant ending, especially "-n", the preposition "Dal" and the suffix "-ato".

  • Among the surnames ending in "-n", usually with accent on the last syllable, there are common toponymic, such as Bressan (= from Brescia), Furlan (= from Friuli"), Pavan (= from Padua), Schiavon (= from Slav areas), Trentin (= from Trento), Trevisan (= from Treviso), Visentin (= from Vicenza); others are derived from professions and nicknames: Marangon (= carpenter), Ballarin (= dancer), Bordignon (= silk spinner); and finally there are the patronymics: Berton, Lorenzon, Martin, Perin, Baldan.
  • Some common surnames starting with the preposition "Dal" are Dal Corso, Dal Farra, Dal Lago, Dal Molin, Dal Zotto.
  • Some common surnames ending in the typically Venetian suffix "-ato" are Bonato, Marcato, Simionato, Volpato.
  • Common, typically Venetian patronymic surnames are Frigo (from Federico), Vianello (from Viviano), and from Giovanni in the Venetian variation "Zan", as Zambon, Zanatta, Zanetti, Zanin, Zanon, Zanini, Zampieri.
  • Common Venetian surnames derived from nicknames and professions include Boscolo (= lumberer), Zanca and Zanchetta (= lame) Masiero (= metayer), Sartor or Sartori (= tailor), Zago (= deacon, altar boy), as well as the common Italian Basso (= short), Gallo (= rooster), Gobbo (= hunchback), Moro (= moorish), Scarpa (= shoe, also a cobbler).