Surnames in L'Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo region The officially resident population in the Comune of L'Aquila (which includes also very populous villages each with their own history, such as Arischia, Sassa, Preturo, Coppito, Paganica, Onna, Bazzano, Assergi, Camarda, Bagno, Roio) in the 2011 census was 72,442 people. Before the 2009 earthquake it was higher, many families relocated to other towns.

Surnames in other Provinces

Chieti | L'Aquila | Pescara | Teramo

Surnames recorded in the 1990s

The surnames recorded in this section were extracted from the mid-1990's white pages. The number after the surname refers to the number of listings (a total of about 25,780 not including commercial activities), in the phone directory.

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