Surnames in Abruzzo, Italy

The Abruzzo region, though geographically part of central Italy, is historically by tradition, culture, dialect and economy more related to Southern Italy. The lists of surnames were derived from the white pages of the 1990's for the recent lists, and from sources as indexes of births, "numerazioni", catasti onciari, parish records for previous centuries.

Surnames in the Provinces of Abruzzo


Common Surnames

  • Over 1,000: D'Amico, D'Angelo;
  • between 700 and 999: D'Alessandro, De Luca, Di Carlo, Di Francesco, Di Marco, Di Pietro, Iezzi, Mancini, Ricci, Rossi
  • between 500 and 699: Costantini, De Santis, Di Felice, Di Giovanni, Gentile, Luciani, Mariani.

Origin of Surnames

  • The most common are patronymic surnames that do not begin with the typical southern preposition "De", but with "Di", such as Di Francesco, Di Marco, Di Carlo, Di Giovanni.
  • Another feature among patronymic surnames in Abruzzo is the relevance of rare or almost "extinct" personal names, as Muzio, Amario, Ascenzo, Prinzio, Annunzio, Addario, Aloisio, Biase, Luzio, Censo, Iorio, Cola, Intino.
  • Still another feature is the frequency of patronimics with the Latin plural endings "-is" and "-ibus", such as De Amicis, De Nuntiis, De Berardinis, De Leonibus, De Fidelibus.
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Surnames in the Provinces of Abruzzo
Abruzzo region