Surname SANTORO, SANTORUM and variations


Typical of the South, especially eastern Sicily and the Neapolitan area, derived from the medieval name Santorus, with several variants: Santori, Santorio, Santoriello, Santorini. In Trentino the Latinized form "Santorum" prevails.
The listings collected from the white pages for Italy are based on the online phone directory for the years 2000-2005.


It was possibly a medieval first name, taken from the Latin expression "Dies Festus omnium sanctorum" (where Sanctorum is genitive plural of Sanctus), that is, the Feast of All Saints; Santorus was a name sometimes given to children born on that day. Or it was possibly connected to someone acting as a saint, or who had connections with religious things, as a sacristan or seller of religious items.


The surname Santorelli appears in Umbria, in the Rome area, Molise, province of Chieti and in Campania. Santoro is specific to the center and south of Italy.
  • White Pages: The surname SANTORO is very common, as it appears in Italy with over 10,000 listings. The plural form SANTORI is more rare, with a little over 700 listings, the other variations are rare and more localized.
  • Ellis Island: almost 4300 arrivals for SANTORO immigrants are recorded, 250 for Santori.

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